50 best reasons to live in nj

The current blogspot will be based on the question “what are the 50 best reasons to live in nj?”. We will learn the 50 best reasons to live in nj and discuss them in detail.

What are the 50 best reasons to live in nj?

There are many reasons to live in nj. The best ones out of all those reasons to live in nj are as below:

  • Roadside farm stands
  • Best to have diners
  • The Shore
  • The best pizza is here
  • Ethnic Diversity
  • Traffic Circles
  • Long Beach Island
  • Old school amusement parks
  • Center of the hot dog universe
  • Boardwalks
  • County Parks
  • Seafood co-ops
  • The famous “Kohrs”
  • The Ironbound
  • South Jersey
  • High Point State Park
  • Food trucks
  • Roast beef & mozzarella sandwich, Fiore’s, Hoboken
  • Cheesesteaks
  • Great scenic roads
  • Korean fried chicken
  • County fairs
  • Main Street, Paterson
  • The swamps of North Jersey
  • Lucy the elephant
  • Newark museum
  • Cape may county park and zoo
  • General Stores
  • The People
  • Endless possibilities to live, work and play
  • Everything around, Farmers, Wineries, markets, breweries 
  • A good place for sports, great stadiums
  • Outdoor recreation
  • Enjoy living, working, playing and raising a family
  • Where value meets values
  • Top education system
  • Advanced healthcare 
  • World Class entertainment
  • Recreational opportunities
  • Towns are family friendly
  • Best for dining, quality retail
  • Small town with big city access
  • DiCosmo’s Italian ice, Elizabeth
  • Fun times for all
  • Top transportation
  • Good place for shopping
  • Full service gas stations
  • The rich and famous call it home
  • It isn’t new york 
  • Chemicals and a lot of chemicals

Roadside farm stands

The best roadside stand that has tomato, peach and all other fruits and vegetables of best quality. Nothing can beat the NJ’s family-run strands.

Best to have diners

The best dining experience is available in nj. From vintage brand new to small sized, nj has more than 600 or so of the shiny stainless steel gems.

The Shore

The best part of NJ is the soothing shore that everyone wants to go to.With 130 miles of beaches plus boardwalks and few secret spots, the shore beckons us every summer.

The best pizza is here

The best pizza and great taste is available in nj. You cannot skip this part while living in nj.

Ethnic diversity

New Jersey is the fourth most ethnically diverse state. There is racial diversity and religious people as well.

Traffic circles

New Jersey’s traffic circles have terrified Jersey drivers since 1925, but many people enjoy these. NJ has got a lot of these on roads.

Long beach island

It is an 18 miles long island away from the world. A place to visit if you want a soothing and relaxing experience.

Old school amusement parks

New Jersey’s old school amusement parks are a great adventure. A good reason to live in NJ is such adventurous spots.

Center of the hot dog universe

If you love hot dogs, do not leave NJ as it has got the best ones.


A good time pass and evening can be spent on NJ’s boardwalks. Around you are the stalls, stops and people enjoying the ice creams, the rides and many other things.

County parks

If you want an evening or morning workout or running, country parks are Jersey’s treasures.

Seafood co-ops

New Jersey has got better and fresher seafood co-ops. If you want something more tasty than a fish, you must try this.

The famous “Kohrs”

Your visit to NJ is incomplete until you try the creamy cup or cone from Kohr or Kohr bros. It is located in Point Pleasant Beach and its further outlets are in other places.

The Ironbound

The state’s greatest food neighborhood, Newark’s Ironbound. It is home to some 200 restaurants, cafes, markets and specialty food stores.

South Jersey

South Jersey has less people, less traffic, more peace,more open space. You should prefer south jersey when searching home and it has good places to live in NJ.

High point state park

A good reason to live in NJ is the beauty and breathtaking views from the best locations. High Point State Park has the same view and it is 1,803 feet.

Food trucks

NJ has got the best set up and enjoyment stuff. Food trucks carrying seafood, desserts, ethnic and beverage roams around NJ streets. People enjoy it and have fun during the day by eating their favourite food.

Roast beef & mozzarella sandwich, Fiore’s, Hoboken

NJ has got the yummiest roasted beef and mozzarella sandwich. If you are a foodie, you will make the best decision to live in NJ.


The best Philly cheesesteak is found in New Jersey. South Jersey has got them.

Great scenic roads

New Jersey has no doubtedly beauty all around and not even the locations for adventure but the roads in this place are pleasing and attractive. 

Korean fried chicken

With a wait of 15-20 minutes only, you are served with the best korean fried chicken which is crispy, yummy and delicious. The wait is worth it.

County fairs

The country fair, again a very beautiful and impressive experience. Neon-lit midways, spinning rides and deep-fried food to make you smile is enough to shake your heart.

Main street, paterson

In Paterson, main street has everything one would cry for. Your favourite restaurants, bakeries and all your favourite food are around the corner.

The swamps of North Jersey

The swamps of North Jersey are easy on the eye. Beautiful scenery. One of the best reasons to live in New Jersey is the spectacular setting.

Lucy the elephant

Lucy the elephant is a magnified must see thing in NJ. It was built in 1881, out of a million pieces of timber and 12,000 square feet of tin.

Newark museum

”The state’s largest museum” barely does the Newark Museum justice. The museum also hosts the Newark Black Film Festival and many other events, programs. A beautiful place to go and see.

Cape may county park and zoo

Not only for adults and old age, children and kids also enjoy the beauty of cape may county parks and zoos.

General stores

The need for general stores is everywhere. After seeing the comforts of living in NJ, do you really think you want more reasons to decide?

The People

I guess no residents of any other state are more fiercely proud of who they are than the NJ people. These people have a good sense of humor, they are sweet and kind.

Endless possibilities to live, work and play

NJ is the best place to live in the US in terms of work and living. Historical sites, charms and cultures, artsy downtowns that have cafes, leafy parks and so much more to explore.It is the most mentally and physically fit state.

Everything around, Farmers, Wineries, markets, breweries 

NJ is the top producer of peaches, cranberries and tomatoes in the country. Best items available in markets.

A good place for sports, great stadiums

NJ has great stadiums and an impressive roster of hockey, football and many other sports.

Outdoor recreation

With a beautiful look and scenery in all four seasons, NJ has a geographical diversity that provides exciting recreational opportunities. There are many vacation spots, amusement parks, and spots we discussed previously.

Enjoy living, working, playing and raising a family

NJ is the safest, fittest and best place to live and raise a family. This reason is enough to live and settle in NJ.

Where value meets values

Best pays, businesses and benefits are promoted and given in NJ.

Top education system

New Jersey is ranked #1 in early childhood education. High quality and supreme level outlines education practices are used in NJ.

Advanced healthcare 

High standards of care and treatments are used in NJ hospitals. Professional and highly qualified experienced doctors are available in each hospital department.

World Class entertainment

Theater, art and music-all at one place. NJ has got excellent notable attractions.

Recreational opportunities

NJ has the best hiking, camping,swimming,fishing and wealth impressive spots.The national parks, golf clubs, forests, island and beautiful scenes around wherever you go.

Towns are family friendly

New Jersey stands on  #4 for the lowest property crime and violent crime rates. The towns are family friendly and secure for living.

Best for dining, quality retail

Shopping and dining are top maintained in NJ state. It has the best Italian, Chinese and Indian restaurants. No deduction on retail sales tax. 

Small town with big city access

People living in small towns have access to big markets arounds. Everything is just near and convenient for residents.

DiCosmo’s Italian ice, Elizabeth

New Jersey Holds the famous Family-owned frozen treat stop famous for crafting small batches of traditional Italian ice since 1915.

Fun times for all

Usually people leave their places and travel to adventurous locations and spots for fun. People living in NJ stay there because they have got everything around.

Top transportation

NJ has got great transportation facilities.

Good place for shopping

Malls, retail stores, and all shopping spots are near the towns.

Full service gas stations

With great transportation facilities, NJ also has maintained and facilitated full gas service stations.

The rich and famous call it home

Many folks hail from Jersey.They did or do call it home.

It isn’t new york 

New York has been a great talk but New Jersey has better and more benefits comparatively to make a living.

Chemicals and a lot of chemicals

NJ is the largest chemical producing state. More jobs for people working in these fields. It has high end use of progressive technologies.


The above blogspot answered the question “what are the 50 best reasons to live in NJ”. We learned the 50 best reasons to live in NJ and discussed those in detail.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs): 50 best reasons to live in nj

Why is living in NJ the best?

There are a lot of advantages to staying single than being in a relationship. Some of the advantages of being single are:

  • Best education system
  • Shopping facilities
  • Eating spots
  • Travelling is easy
  • Job opportunities
  • living and working is easy
  • The beautiful location, fun spots 
  • Impressive sceneries

What is the best place to live in NJ?

There are many best places to live in NJ. Some of these places are 

  • Franklin
  • Madison
  • Montclair
  • Princeton
  • Wanaque
  • Clinton township
  • Cherry Hill
  • Medford
  • Sparta township
  • Ridgewood
  • Ocean city
  • Warren township

What food is NJ famous for?

There are many famous foods in NJ. Some of the iconic Nj food are:

  • Hot dogs
  • Pork roll
  • Tomato pie
  • Corned beef
  • Pizza
  • Cheesecake
  • Manhattan clam chowder
  • Pastrami
  • Bagel
  • Falafel
  • Coffee