Best Reasons for a Loan (13)

In this blogspot we will discuss the various reasons for getting a loan and will address the different motives for which a person has to  apply for a personal loan.We will enlist the various types of reasons for a loan and will answer the variety of  questions for the purpose of  a  loan.

List of Reasons For a Loan

The various reasons for the loan application are listed below:

  • Purchasing an Automobile
  • Applying for a new house
  • Furnishing a new apartment 
  •  A loan to pay some other debt
  • To pay the installments of a newly purchased car
  • To invest in gold for future savings
  • To cover  the home repair and maintenance cost
  • To adjust the transportation cost of moving into a new city
  • Purchasing some heavy Appliances
  • Education loan to study abroad
  • Wedding Expenses
  • Emergency Expenses
  • Expansion of a business in a new city
  • Starting up a new business

Purchasing an Automobile

One of the most common  reasons for a loan is to purchase a new automobile. A person might be interested in buying a new vehicle as his old car is no more sufficient, because a new family member has arrived and there is less space in the old car.Or the old car is giving a less mileage on the highways and is no more fuel efficient ,so the person decides to buy a new car  and this could  be the reason for a loan.

Applying for a new house

Another best  purpose or reason for a loan is to buy a new house. The individual might be in a situation that he has to shift to some other state for switching his job , or while living in the same state, he plans to switch to a new place that is near to his workplace.Therefore he needs a handsome amount of cash that could be a reason for a loan.

Furnishing a new apartment 

Let’s suppose a family has recently shifted to a new house, and there ran out of cash after the payment of the house. They might apply for a loan in order to furnish their house according to their own dreams and desires.This reason for a loan is going to be turning their  new house into a dream house. 

A loan to pay some other debt

Another very common reason for a loan is that a person might get  a loan to pay off his other liabilities or some installments of a loan that he got in the past for his emergency situation.Here, he can fulfill his cash requirements with this loan.

To pay the installments of a newly purchased car

A person might get a loan to pay the regular scheduled payments of a new car that he has bought recently.Therefore he will apply for a loan and get the cash to complete scheduled payments in the specified time.

To invest in  gold for future savings

The loans can be used to shape up the future plans also. Therefore the loans can be helpful in buying the Gold as an investment and keeping this gold as a saving for future in order to achieve the future aims of life.

To cover  the home repair and maintenance cost

Let’s say a person has shifted to a new house in a new city.Amongst other many expenses of a new house there are various expenses incurred for security , plumbing , exterior , electrical systems etc.This could be  a reason for a loan if a person is out of cash and wants to live safely and peacefully in his new house.

To adjust the transportation cost of moving into a new city

If a person has recently been transferred to a new   city due to his job  and has to shift his family also then he might be in a heavy burden of various transportation cost and moving expenses.This burden would s hare  by borrowing a loan from any financial institution to meet his needs.Therefore this is one of the reasons for a loan.

Purchasing some heavy Duty  Appliances

If a person has recently started a small business and does not have enough money left to buy all the necessary equipment and appliances required. Therefore he might get a loan to meet his requirements. Similarly if an individual plans to buy some heavy duty  generators or insulation systems for his business set ups , he might apply for a loan.

Education loan to study abroad

At times the parents or even the student themselves, if they plan on getting their higher education from some foreign university or some specialized degree from a country abroad, they might apply for a loan as they have to pay heavy amounts for their different expenses.

Wedding Expenses

Wedding expenses could also be a reason for loan as the entire event includes  different functions and gatherings that account for a big  amount  to be paid in the end. Ths covers all the cost of banquets, photography, honeymoon expenses and the other miscellaneous costs.

Emergency Expenses

Any unforeseen situation can occur to anyone at any stage of life.There could be sudden need of instant cash ,for a complicated surgery at a hospital abroad that could be fulfilled through loan with flexible payment and lowest this emergency need could also be a reason for a loan.

Expansion of a business

Looking at the growth of a business as expected in the beginning , a person might see an opportunity and decide that he should expand his business and start an extension of the business in some other city or some other area. So he might not have enough to invest in the inventory purchase and other equipment, and applies for a loan.This is one of the reasons for the loan.

Starting up a new business

Starting up a new business to generate income and bearing all the expenses takes in a lot of money.Therefore one of the reasons for a loan is the small business startups that requires a heavy investment as well as risk.This risk at initial stages of the start ups can be shared with a loan.


In the blog above we have discussed various reasons for a loan that can be used by the individuals to meet their  financial needs and to cover the cost  of various expenditures whether they are personal, business or for emergency purposes.the different reasons of loan described the various  purposes, for which the  loan can be used.

Frequently Asked Questions;What are the best reasons for a loan?

This has been observed from various researches and surveys that there are various types of loans that anand they all have different purposes. The different uses of loan are listed below:

  • House financing 
  • Business start up investments
  • Education loan
  • Wedding purpose 
  • Emergency loans
  • Auto financing loan
  • Loans for the future investments

What are the good reasons for a loan?

There are many reasons for getting a loan such as:

  • House construction
  • Car replacement
  • House repairing and modelling
  • Business startups
  • Education financing 
  • Emergency expenses

A person with a limited amount of resources and income might have to take a loan in order to share his financial burden.Therefore, there could be many reasons for a loan.A  person might be facing some financial crisis  and has to take a loan to meet his requirement.

What is the purpose of a loan?

Any individual who is into some financial challenges might apply for a loan like managing the cost of a wedding, investing into a new business, funding the specialized education in some foreign country, managing the emergency cash requirements, buying a new car or furnishing a new house.

The loan facility is to share the burden of different expenses that a financially challenged person is unable to handle alone.Therefore he can get loans on easy installments with  low markups and meet his all the needs.


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