Best reasons to become a teacher (Top 5)

The current blogspot will be based on the question “what are the best reasons to become a teacher?”. We will learn the best reasons to become a teacher and discuss them in detail.

What are the best reasons to become a teacher?

There are a variety of reasons to become a teacher. The most common ones are as below:

  • The increasing demand for teachers
  • Competitive salaries
  • Employment benefits packages
  • Teachers are trusted and respected
  • Long Vacations
  • Paid Holidays off
  • A variety of subjects to teach
  • Different grade levels to teach
  • Opportunity to impact the lives of students
  • Economic development of the country
  • Along with teaching, you get a lot to learn
  • You can work all over the world
  • You’ll have job security
  • A schedule that balances family and work
  • You become a role model
  • You catch up with the trend
  • Strong professional network

The increasing demand for teachers

Research shows that the teaching profession will increase significantly in the next decade. It has been highly in demand since ages due to the population growth, subject area shortages, improved and new additional courses added every year and necessary for the economic growth of the country as education is the pillar to every progress and teachers provide this education.  

Competitive salaries

Teachers can earn a competitive salary based on their level of education, experience of work, teaching specialty, certifications and geographical location.  Many teachers go through multiple specializations and certifications so that they can progress fast and as a result, they are promoted and earn a good amount. 

Employment benefits packages

Many schools, colleges and universities provide teachers with employment benefits packages in addition to competitive salaries. As a teacher, you get health insurance, discount vouchers, vision and dental insurance, paid leaves, paid continuing education chance, possibility for tenure, 401(k) plan and other retirement options. 

Teachers are trusted and respected

Teachers are rated high in trustworthiness and supported by many. Teaching creates all other professions. Teachers are much needed and a vital job in the functioning of a society, irrespective of the economic status. Not only students but teachers are looked up by other people surrounding them as well. Since they play a great role in shaping the future and preparing the youth. They effortlessly create strong positive relationships as they continue to influence the new generation. 

Long Vacations

Many schools, colleges and universities provide teachers, students and staff members days off for holidays and breaks in the winters, summers and spring season. These long, paid vacations help in preparing for the next school year, enjoyment with the family, pursuing other passions, planning personal events, continuing education and or taking a part-time role.

Paid Holidays off

In addition to long vacations, many schools, colleges and universities offer paid holiday off including sick leave, casual offs, and public holidays. These include Labor Day and others depending on the historical dates of a particular region or government announcement. 

A variety of subjects to teach

When you become an educator, you have a variety of subjects you can specialize in:

  • Science (also includes chemistry and biology at advanced levels)
  • Maths
  • English and other languages
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Physical Education
  • Music
  • Computer and IT 
  • Foreign language
  • History and social studies

When you are teaching at a higher level, these courses may vary according to your field of interest. However you still have a vast choice of subjects to specialize in. 

Different grade levels to teach

Depending on your interest and prior experience, you can teach different grade levels. You can specialize in specific age group and grade levels, such as:

  • Preschool, pre-k and early childhood (playgroup)
  • Kindergarten
  • Elementary school (1st-5th grade)
  • Middle school (6th-8th grades)
  • High School(9th-12th grades)
  • Postsecondary (including university, community college and technical college)

Opportunity to impact the lives of students

Great teachers have the ability to impact and change the lives of the students for the better by setting a good example for them to follow. Teachers can be a strong support system in students’ lives. They can help them identify their strengths and interests and encourage them to pursue their dreams. 

Teachers are responsible for creating effective communication, sharing, empathy, positivity, respect for others, time management, critical thinking and interpersonal skills.

Economic development of the country

In the development of a country, education is a fundamental aspect. As a teacher, you are also serving your community as you are raising leaders and future workers. When the youth of a society is educated, a future is ready. Teachers provide education that improves the quality of life, promotes a dedication to serve the community and make it a better place for all.

Teachers increase the creativity and productivity of individual students and therefore, the future figures. Not only to the individuals but the society as a whole is changed with the help of education provided by the teachers. With this push to be creative and productive, students are more likely to be entrepreneurial and do great in technological advancements, ultimately progressing and leading the economic development of a country. 

As a teacher, you also have the opportunity of fundraising, voluntary works, charity events and workshops with the support of other faculty, students and administration. This is another way to give back to the larger community,  be a role model for your students, and make sure the country is respectful and knowledgeable in the future.

Along with teaching, you get a lot to learn

We learn a topic better when we are teaching it. There are questions during the lecture. Most of the time, we have to dig deeper and get a better understanding of a subject area in question. We are prepared for the lecture but sometimes during the class, our students also input their knowledge and that makes us learn new things about technology. 

You can work all over the world

Becoming a teacher may be a way to live and work around the world when you are interested in living, travelling nationally or abroad. Many people travel with their spouses due to their promotion, transfers and personal reasons. Having a profession which you can start anywhere includes teaching.

Teachers are needed all around the world. It can be for some subjects or grade levels being of specific need in some areas. Before starting with searching for a teaching role or specialty, consider the need of teachers and subject lecturers required in the specific area you are living currently or interested in living.

Many countries may be  looking for experienced teachers in many subjects. One of the most popular subjects is “English” as a secondary language. It is teached mainly in many nations.

You’ll have job security

Teaching is a highly social job and thus a bonus for most teachers. It provides steady employment and availability for teachers of any level of experience. Along with daily interaction with students and faculty, you will also get to work as a part of the team. The interactions with parents and participating in good causes leads to an opportunity to become an essential part of the community. However, job security and availability may vary by geographical location, grade level and subject.

A schedule that balances family and work

The daily schedule of a teacher varies at different schools. Some have a strict schedule and some provide free hours to the teachers for relaxation. Depending on the grade level, subject and where you work, the schedule is likely to be the same each day. There are periods being dedicated to certain subjects or classes.

Many teachers find this regimented schedule helpful in balancing and maintaining reports of progress and planning purposes. In this slot, teachers can design lesson plans, schedule meetings with the students, parents and faculty and for personal activities on between or after work. 

For teachers with children, being on a similar schedule also helps a lot. Teachers can thus enjoy the leisure time and balance other work including family along with the daily work schedule. 

You become a role model

Teachers become role models and people look for guidance and advice from them. Teaching is a noble job and it makes you an idol for the community. You get a sense of pride when students, parents and other people value your insights.

You catch up with the trend

Many teachers have a great sense of fashion. Due to daily interactions, their vocabulary is current and relevant. Kids have a good sense at catching up with the ins and outs of fashion, latest music and trends, mainly the social media highlights. Being around them constantly, teachers adapt the behaviour without even realizing it.

Strong professional network

When you are working as a teacher in a school, college or university, you can build a strong network of like-minded professionals who have similar thoughts and passions in student success and progress planning. Your colleagues also have a bond with you and they can help you promote learning in students. You can always ask them for help and be there for them in order to maintain a cooperative and friendly environment to work in. 


The above blogspot answered the question “what are the best reasons to become a teacher”.  We learned the best reasons to become a teacher and discussed those in detail.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs): Best reasons to become a teacher

Why should we choose teaching as a profession?

The following can be the reasons to opt for teaching as a profession:

  • To have a secure job
  • To have a job schedule that balances work, family and friends
  • A job we can continue anywhere
  • To earn a competitive salary
  • To make a difference in students lives

How can teaching develop consistent skills?

Teachers have the task to create lesson plans, collaboration and interaction with the faculty and parents to improve and ensure student success. These activities a teacher does, constantly develop their communication, time management skills, leadership qualities and organization skills. By taking additional responsibilities at school, teachers can develop these and other skills as well. For example, host an event, manage school trips, conduct student counseling. 

What is the importance of being a teacher?

Teaching is a noble profession. A teacher not only listens but also understands and helps the students in their problems. They mold their lives to bring out the best in them. A teacher imparts knowledge, good values and prepares them for the future. A teacher is greatly responsible in the development and success of a nation by raising powerful and educated youth.