Best reasons to exercise

The current blogspot will be based on the question “what are the best reasons to exercise?”. We will learn the best reasons to exercise and discuss them in detail.

What are the best reasons to exercise?

There are many reasons to exercise. The most common reasons to exercise are as below:

  • You feel more energized after exercise
  • You burn a lot of calories at rest
  • Your overall appearance is improved when you exercise
  • You are able to overcome your stress
  • Less chances if illness and diseases
  • When you are active and exercise, you recover fast from injury or surgery
  • Exercise keeps you focused
  • Builds up cardiovascular endurance
  • Your flexibility improves
  • Increase lean body mass
  • It controls your weight
  • Exercise combats health conditions and diseases
  • It improves your mood
  • Exercise boosts energy
  • It promotes better sleep
  • Exercise can be fun
  • It gives you energy

You feel more energized after exercise

Whenever we engage ourselves in a workout, our muscles contract and expand depending upon the type of workout or exercise that is being performed. Due to this contraction and expansion in muscles, there is a drastic increase in the blood flowing through our vessels, and this whole process makes us feel a lot more energized. Not only does this workout process keep us energized at the time of exercise, but it also stimulates our body during the rest of our day.

You burn a lot of calories at rest

Just like any other exercise, cardiovascular exercise is also of great importance. It specifically helps in burning the calories in our body. When we engage in a cardiovascular activity like running, hiking, jogging, biking, etc. our metabolic rate increases for a certain interval of time. These exercises also increase the muscle mass and at rest the calories of these muscles burn more than the fat, therefore the more muscular you become the more metabolic rate you have at rest.

Your overall appearance is improved when you exercise

Exercise does not only make us feel better, it also helps us in shaping our overall body. By doing a regular workout and eating a healthy diet, our body becomes well-toned. On the contrary, it should always be remembered that genetics also play a lot of part in our overall appearance and health. For example, a person might have a very good diet and workout plan and still have a high blood pressure level due to the genetics of his parents and family tree.

You are able to overcome your stress

Exercise is one of the best ways to manage stress and this is proven through research. One of the research shows that when we engage in an exercise or physical exertion our adrenaline level increases. The adrenaline causes an increase in the flow of blood through which more oxygen is received by our brain then at the normal level, which makes us more alert. So when we are more alert and cautious of our surroundings, we react better to stressful situations.

Less chances of illness and diseases

The exercise helps in enhancing the blood circulation in our body. The blood carries cells of different types, one of which is the white blood cells. These cells help the human body to fight bacteria and allergies which normally makes us ill. So, if a person becomes ill, the improved circulation of our white blood cells help us to get well soon.

When you are active and exercise, you recover fast from injury or surgery

When we regularly exercise and keep our body fit, we can then recover at a faster rate from an injury or surgery. This is due to the fact that we develop more muscle tissues and white blood cells. So any disease or inflammation that occurs in our body recovers well in time.

Exercise keeps you focused

Keeping the focus intact is very important when it comes to the everyday activities that we perform. Through exercise and workout our blood flow enhances and our hormones are also peak level which helps in the overall ability to focus and concentrate.

Builds up cardiovascular endurance

In order to achieve a certain goal, we need to work hard for that. Identical is the process when it comes to exercise and shaping up the body. The cardiovascular system must be built up through perseverance and endurance. When we exercise regularly it not only strengthens our heart muscles but also improves the blood flow, oxygen level and muscular expansion and contractions.

Your flexibility improves

When we stretch during a workout or exercise, our muscles undergo extreme contraction and expansion due to which they become much more elastic and the overall flexibility of our body improves. There are different exercises for different body muscles. Even a simple 20 minutes jog helps in improving the overall flexibility.

Increase lean body mass

The lean body mass typically refers to the mass of the body excluding the fat proportion. So it is pretty important that we reduce our body fat in order to increase the metabolic rate. Performing cardiovascular exercise regularly on a weekly basis, we can decrease the fat mass while increasing the muscle mass.

It controls your weight

Exercise and physical workout are one of the best ways to reduce weight gain. While doing any sort of exercise, especially the cardiovascular ones, we burn a lot of calories. The more intense the workout, the more fats and calories we burn. Often we do not find out the time to go to the gym or be regular in our exercise due to our hectic work life and busy schedule. A great way to deal with such situations is to be more active throughout the day. For example, instead of using an elevator we can use the stairway, do some household chores, etc. Consistency is a key element while doing such tasks.

Exercise combats health conditions and diseases

If you are worried about major diseases like stroke, high blood pressure, sugar, cancer, obesity and many more,  you should consider the fact that exercise is a great way to defeat such health conditions. All of the major diseases have more to do with the blood flowing through our arteries and veins. The workouts and exercise keeps our blood flow consistent and also keeps our blood thinner which helps the blood flow easily through the arteries. The improved blood flow and oxygen level also helps in improving the cognitive function of the human being.

It improves your mood

Exercise and physical workouts have a great effect on our overall body. Since workouts and exercise stimulate different brain chemicals which makes us feel relaxed and joyful. Also, when we engage ourselves in physical workouts and exercise, our body starts to have a better shape, which is a source for improved self-esteem and self-satisfaction.

Exercise boosts energy

Quite often we feel tired and dizzy after coming back from grocery shopping or after performing household chores. The reason is the fact that our body is not used to performing these tasks regularly and hence our body endurance to such activities is less. When we are regular in workouts and exercise, our body stamina increases a lot and the same stamina helps us in our day to day activities making us feel more energized and active.

It promotes better sleep

Engaging ourselves in physical workouts and activities is one of the best ways to improve our sleeping routine. While doing any exercise, we put a lot of effort in it due to which our muscles expand and contract and our heart pumps blood more frequently as compared to while we are at resting mode. Having performed such activities throughout the day, our internal organs require some rest which makes us feel asleep earlier and better.

Exercise can be fun

Exercise and physical workouts are enjoyable in many ways. We feel a sense of being closer to nature and we get a chance to unwind things which we might not have thought about otherwise. Also, physical activities are a great way to connect with family and colleagues. Sports can be one of the best ways to have connections and have fun at the same time. It also encourages us to be more organized and teaches us the true spirit of the game by becoming a team player.

It gives you energy

Exercise is one of the best ways to gain energy, if we consider to have a second cup of a drink or coffee, it’s better to have to do a workout. The time and effort we spent on physical activities reaps more fruitful results then most of the other activities. Our oxygen level increases which flows easily and gives a burst of energy throughout the day.


The above blogspot answered the question “what are the best reasons to exercise”. We learned the best reasons to exercise and discussed those in detail.


Frequently asked questions (FAQs): Best reasons to exercise

What are the benefits of exercising daily?

Exercise keeps us motivated, fit and energized, all of which are essential in our daily lives that we spend with our loved ones, with colleagues in office, and often the time that we spend alone. Not only do we feel better and connected with the people and things around us, we also feel an internal peace and mental relaxation.

Why should we stay fit?

A healthy mind has a healthy body, this phrase goes a long way and rightly so. If we are fit and healthy only then we can enjoy life to its best. We feel happy and joyful in everything that we do, be it spending time with the loved ones, or be it a social activity. When we are fit, we stress less and we try to deal with difficult situations with much more ease.

What happens if you don’t exercise?

It is not necessary that any harm is likely to happen if we don’t exercise. But on the contrary there are lots of benefits that we get through exercise and workouts as we discussed throughout this article. Moreover, while we may not get harm by not doing exercise, we can feel lazy and less focused, which affects us in various ways that might end up harming us.

What are the most common exercises?

There are a lot of exercises and workouts. The good thing about exercise is that it can be done almost anywhere, be it our home, gym or walking track, etc. The place can be anywhere, the only thing is where a person feels more comfortable and motivated to do the exercise. Like some people feel comfortable going to the gym, some people are a bit unsocial and want their own space, so they prefer having necessary equipment at home and carrying out their exercise routine at home.

Just to highlight some of the common exercises are as under:

  • Walking
  • Pushups
  •  Squats
  • Side planks
  • Jogging
  • Chin-ups
  • Abdominal crunches