Best reasons to have a baby (Top 5)

The current blogspot will be based on the question “what are the best reasons to have a baby?”. We will learn the best reasons to have a baby and discuss them in detail.

What are the best reasons to have a baby?

We can think of many reasons to have a baby.The most common ones are as below:

  • Feeling to share love, emotions and energy
  • You love babies
  • To carry on the family name and values
  • Feeling of caring for a baby is more satisfying than at least what we are currently doing
  • A desire to give and grow another 
  • To give a meaning to a baby’s life
  • Fix mistakes of our parents
  • Something to discuss and talk about with our partner
  • Laughter and joy
  • You want new friends
  • You want to relive your childhood
  • To fix a broken marriage
  • To continue the family business
  • To create memories
  • A baby can turn a house into a home
  • You can avoid annoying people
  • To Have Someone To Take Care Of Us When We Are Older

Feeling to share love, emotions and energy

The unconditional love between a parent and an offspring is certainly the most powerful thing ever. They want to share these strong emotions with their babies and want to get the same back from them. This bond is something every parent would wish for. 

You love babies

If you think babysitting is fun and your favourite job, you might want to consider having your own child. Caregiver is a trait you are born with, it cannot be learned. 

The idea of being around babies may disgust some but it is the most beautiful and lovely feeling for others and they have a knack for dealing with them. They enjoy raising a little one from birth into adulthood. 

So, if you really adore babies, how much you would rejoice having your own son or daughter.

To carry on the family name and values

Many of us want to carry on the family name and values. Some of us have a family name with a lineage that needs to be maintained. This tends to apply to the father’s family name. It also feels like an obligation to a few. 

If you are the long lost descendant of the Royal family or of some sort or just feel a certain amount of loyalty to your father’s honest, hardworking relatives; keeping the family name alive is definitely enough to have a child or two.

Feeling of caring for a baby is more satisfying than at least what we are currently doing

Many of us are currently doing something which might not be interesting but we just want to keep ourselves busy. So why not have a baby and start caring for him or her and feel this pleasure. It is the most satisfying feeling ever.

A desire to give and grow another

A desire to give and nurture another feels meaningful, creating a life out of love. It sounds poetic and fulfilling. But this doesn’t end here; mold that new little person into someone you are proud to know, now that makes the experience more beautiful. Especially when your life is meaningless, purposeless and monotonous with a stale relationship, that molding of a little one can bring more joy and fulfillment than anything else.

You are ready to feel the new changes, the new experiences and the new routine. When your mind is accepting the fact that the new one will take the hold and you just wish to have another person around. That’s really the best reason to have a baby!

To give a meaning to a baby’s life

Having a baby completely changes our life and gives meaning to it. After having a baby we become responsible for their life and because of that, our existence takes on a whole new meaning.

Fix mistakes of our parents

Not all of us get to grow up in a stable home environment with good and understanding parents. Many people grow up with parents who have imperfections and flaws and so they decide that when they become parents they will not make the same mistakes.

The mistakes of our parents always stay in our mind and affect our whole life. Many times, we cannot question them and just follow them. We all wish to fix these mistakes when we have our own children. This is the best thing we can do to them and give them a good life ahead by being there for them. 

Something to discuss and talk about with our partner

The first few years are all about love and strong emotions towards each other with a lot of things to talk about. With time, these conversations become less and that’s natural. At times, things become boring and the same topics to talk about again and again. You start thinking and realize that you are dull and average like everyone else. Having children would surely shift the focus towards their well being, love and affection towards them rather than focusing on ourselves and thus we have things to speak with our partners and get on with the real meaning of life.

Laughter and joy

A baby is a source of ultimate happiness and joy in a parent’s life. On all our busy days at work, all we wait is to get done and reach home to play with our baby. That smile, the laugh, all those expressions of a baby give us a feeling of joy and love. They give us a sense of purpose. 

We could have our own children and spend cheerful, unadulterated and pure moments of joy with the little one that we helped to create. A mini version of ourselves reminds us of the happiness we once had and still hidden deep within us.

You want new friends

At a certain age, you start realizing that all your friends are there only when they need you. Sometimes, due to work pressure and their private lives, you are not in touch with them. You really want new friends to spend time with and be around. Having babies can surely be a good idea if we want an all time friend for us. 

You want to relive your childhood

Once we grow up, we face certain limitations that we may not have experienced in our childhood. Limitations due to job, aging bodies, tough schedules, economic status and then there are the emotional limitations.

However, by having a baby a new road opens up for us. There is an opportunity to do something and not quit, take new risks ourselves but instead, encourage our kids to do that for us. By having a couple of mini-me’s, we can ask them to go on adventures that we would have taken and enjoyed but due to our fears, lack of self-confidence and our inability…we don’t.  Instead we settle for this simple, boring life. Our bond with our children can make us feel that we are doing all this fun ourselves.

To fix a broken marriage

Everyone may not agree on the idea that babies can bring couples closer together. In most cases, many of those people who would argue are people who don’t currently have children. This may not always be true but it’s all about planning with our partner. Going to ultrasound sessions together, excitement of deciding the name, balancing things and working together to make everything perfect for the little one. It can make all other things in our life insignificant, for the moment anyway.

To continue the family business

We all are afraid of losing life at any time because it is the scariest thing ever. All the hard work, struggle, money, time, sweat, tears and energy to establish a family business can go nowhere if no one will be there to handle it. 

You would always prefer to transfer this business to your offspring after your retirement and would keep it in the family rather than selling it to someone. And it’s a good way to assist your children with choosing their career path.

To create memories

“The best thing about memories is making them”, is a great saying we all agree on. To have a baby can give you lifetime cute and funny memories many people without kids crave for. Who doesn’t love looking through old photos? It’s much more fun to look through moments of pregnancy, the birth time, baby’s initial days, first steps, first words, first sit up, all their learning and growth, their funny moments.

A baby can turn a house into a home

A baby can turn a house into a home by his or her smile, unclear talks, laughter, cry and expressions. That sound and noise keeps the home alive. After children,the house lightens up and there’s always someone to listen and talk and to run after.

You can avoid annoying people

When you have a baby, your life changes completely. The old parties, hanging around, long phone calls and chatting with people are fewer than before. You can avoid annoying people by just telling them you are busy with your baby. This will help you stay at peace and away from all unwanted people and gatherings. 

To Have Someone To Take Care Of Us When We Are Older

Whether we accept it or not, we all have the fear of living alone in our advanced years. Our ability to care for ourselves slowly dwindles. We depend on our partners to look after us. Having a baby is the best decision to have at least one of them to take care of and be there for us during our final years of life.


The above blogspot answered the question “what are the best reasons to have a baby”.  We learned the best reasons to have a baby and discussed those in detail.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs): Best reasons to have a baby

Why should we have a baby?

The following can be the reasons to have a baby:

  • To have someone around to make us feel good about ourselves
  • To have someone to play with, enjoy and laugh with like a friend
  • Someone to care for us and continue our family name and business
  • To bring the couple together and give them something to talk about

How can a baby bring joy to our life?

Children are not only cute, they are funny. Surrounding ourselves with these mini creatures so visually pleasing makes every moment delightful. 

How can a baby strengthen a relationship?

It is important that both partners make the decision to have a baby together. When that’s the case, a baby can surely bring them close together and enhance the bond between them.