Best reasons to join the army (Top 5)

The current blogspot will be based on the question “what are the best reasons to join the army?”. We will learn the best reasons to join the army and discuss them in detail.

What are the best reasons to join the army?

We can think of a variety of reasons to join the army. The most common ones are as below:

  • To serve your country and do something for the people
  • Travel the world
  • End terrorism from the nation
  • Because it’s a good paying job
  • Honor a family tradition
  • Improve ourselves and learn new skills
  • Medical Care
  • Save money
  • Perks and Benefits
  • Stable job
  • Not interested in higher education
  • Leadership is in your blood
  • You want to retire early
  • High social status
  • Military retirement benefits
  • Challenges, adventures and new experiences
  • Games and sports 
  • Childhood dream

To serve your country and do something for the people

Many people feel an inner obligation to protect their country and give something back to it. When you know you are patriotic and want to serve your country, you should plan on joining the army. You might realize it from an early age , you just see someone in the army or you meet a recruiter at just the right time, anything can be the reason. However, with this patriotic spirit, you feel called to serve your country and you should not ignore the urge to sign the contract.

Travel the world

The opportunity to travel comes first in mind when people think of considering joining the army. There is a possibility to travel many times across different areas and countries. Afghanistan, Iraq, US, Europe, and almost everywhere. The military pays the relocation expenses for you and your family. There are specific free flights for the military members and their families. There are high and well maintained world-class resorts only for military members and their families. With no cost and some with a very discounted amount, the milterian members can travel and explore.

End terrorism from the nation

Armed forces are used to fight terrorism. When you want to serve your nation and you have the spirit, you are ready to die fighting too. Countries with terrorism stay at a risk and threatened. Joining the army to fight and give back to all enemies of the country is an organic and inborn trait. 

Because it’s a good paying job

There is a myth that the military’s benefits and pay are not competitive with the civilian world. The military is highly beneficial, gives long term support, provides competitive salaries and huge benefit packages. In civilian sectors, earning money might sound good but is comparatively difficult to earn, save it and requires extraordinary skills to get a good starting package. In the military, the pays are good and many families have more than they need. In the military, you do not have to pay for everything, you get allowances, discounts and bonuses. The longer you serve and reach another high rank, the more you earn.

Honor a family tradition

When it’s in your family and maybe your father, mother, uncle or grandfather served in the Army and you have to make them proud and continue the chain. Following the footsteps of your militarian family members can also instill a great sense of pride in joining the army. Many times these military legacies continue for longer and a new family member gets advice and support on how to be successful while serving and it’s a good reason to join the army.

Improve ourselves and learn new skills

In our military career, we learn exceptional skills and improve ourselves further. We learn new skills and military operations that are highly demanding. The skills include analytical skills, specific device training, technical skills and many more. Joining the army is not about becoming a warrior or expert shooter. There are proper certifications and courses for learning opportunities. Training sessions and advanced training. Some are compulsory and some are trained from time to time. 

Medical Care

You and your family get free medical care when you are part of the army irrespective of your location and rank. This is the best thing to have since medical treatment is way too expensive and many people simply can not afford it. The fact is, many people have still not taken proper medical treatment and are not prepared for emergency cases.

Save money

The best part about the military is all the benefits and long term support. You are paid on time and the government pays for military expenses. Thus, your wallet stays thicker. You can save a lot of money by just planning and cutting off unnecessary expenses. Many people save a big amount while serving and later get their dream cars, lands and travel worldwide for longer with this money. 

Perks and Benefits

If you want a job that not only serves you back but your whole family too, you have made the best decision to join the army. From medical facilities to living in a home, a militarian family enjoys many benefits. A 30 days paid vacation, life insurance, post retirement benefits and other allowances. Military provides a secure lifestyle and long term care for us in many aspects.

Stable job

When you have tried everywhere and not gotten hired, trying to apply in the military is fine. Even when the economy is going bad, the army is always hiring. You can get a stable job and be paid on time. You do not have to worry about anything once you sign the contract and just work hard.

Not interested in higher education

Joining the military is possible after secondary education. This means that those who want to make a living fast and start early can prefer joining the army. However, once you are hired, the army will make you learn, give you training and prepare you to do your job perfectly. The military training may be more intense than the higher education pressure, your service will be just as valuable as a university degree now and in the future.

Leadership is in your blood

The hiring process of the military is not so easy. Individuals with strong leadership skills are preferred. Whether you are a member of a royal family or someone listed as a recruit, bring a can-do positive attitude along. Those who showcase strong passion, leadership abilities and courageous nature tend to move up easily.

You want to retire early

There are specific serving years in the military. When you plan to retire early and want to enjoy early retirement, joining the army is a good option. You can have plans to join a business, rest, travel or enjoy after early retirement. 

High social status

In the military, when you progress to a high post or rank, you are well recognized. You have a high social status and you feel pride in what you do. People are thankful to you that you defend their country and value your sacrifices. Joining military also make you more attractive to the opposite sex.

Military retirement benefits

A lifetime pension based on the average of their highest three years of base pay is given to the army military members. The retirement benefits are worth millions of dollars. You also have free medical checkup and dental appointments, your children enjoy discounted education compared to civilian families and your kids enjoy discounts on military gyms, swimming pools and other military specific places. There is also a continuation pay bonus which is a cash bonus for extending service commitment.


Challenges, adventures and new experiences

In the military, you are posted to a new location every two to three years. You meet new people and see new places and that helps you in learning new things.

We discussed the perks of travelling when you are in the military and adventure plus new challenges come along. If you love exploring new areas and are excited in meeting new people, the army is for you. The government pays it for you and it’s the best part.

Games and sports

In military forces, various indoor and outdoor games and sports are played that you can join during your services. You may get a chance to represent your unit nationally or internationally if you have exceptional training or practice in some sports.

Childhood dream

Many people have a dream to do something for the country and that passion comes at a very early age. They have a dream of wearing that uniform. Then they also build more interest and learn about the ranks, units, regiments and weapons. Infact, the army is more than a job for such people. Some people invest themselves in the safety and progress of the country as they have always dreamed about it. Also, the military career brings out the zeal inside you and offers you things you are currently missing in life.


The above blogspot answered the question “what are the best reasons to join the army”.  We learned the best reasons to join the army and discussed those in detail.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs): Best reasons to join the army

Why should we join the army?

There are many reasons to join the army. Some of the reasons to join army are listed below:

  • You want to serve yourself for the country
  • When it’s your childhood dream to join army
  • When you want a stable and respectable job
  • Because you want to earn good money
  • You want free medical benefits and other packages
  • When you want to travel the world
  • When you want to take on a challenge
  • You want to retire early and enjoy postretirement benefits

What are the wrong reasons to join the army?

There are some people who want to join the army for the wrong reasons. The following is a list of reasons to NOT join the military:

  • To get rich
  • To kill someone
  • To impress someone
  • If you are inactive person and don’t like exercise
  • If you don’t have a complete knowledge and idea about the life of an army person
  • If you think you will control the place you will live or your transfer areas
  • You are scared leaving your family and hometown
  • You want to get retire when you are way too old

What are the benefits of joining the army?

There are many benefits of joining the army. Some of the benefits of joining the army are listed below:

  • Education benefits
  • Special home loans and discounts
  • Free travelling
  • Health, housing and other benefits
  • Travelling and vacation time
  • A good amount of money even after the retirement
  • Advanced and high level specialty training
  • Learn new skills for free