Best reasons to lose weight (Top 5)

The current blogspot will be based on the question “what are the best reasons to lose weight?”. We will learn the best reasons to lose weight and discuss them in detail.

What are the best reasons to lose weight?

We can think of a variety of reasons to lose weight. The most common ones are as below:

  • You will fit your old clothes
  • Less foot pain
  • You will look good
  • You’ll sleep better
  • You’ll gain confidence
  • You won’t pull out your hair
  • Because losing weight is an antidepressant
  • Your knees and elbows will pain less
  • Low risk of cancer
  • Low risk of heart disease
  • Low risk of diabetes
  • Your memory may improve
  • You won’t constantly look for food
  • You may get your dream job
  • Your mood will stay good
  • You’ll breathe better
  • You’ll live longer
  • You’ll boost fertility
  • Your immune system will improve
  • Your wallet will stay thicker
  • Brain power increase

You will fit your old clothes

Everyone wants to look good and wear all loose to fit clothing. Once we gain weight due to childbirth, hormonal reasons or over eating, our old clothes don’t fit us anymore and all the money spent on them gets wasted. Sometimes, we even have nothing good to wear in our loose outfits and the older fitting ones are more closer to the theme. A good reason to lose weight is to wear all the clothes and for a longer period of our teenage years so that we can keep them in use.

Less foot pain

Lesser the weight, less the pressure on the part of our body that bears the most of the pressure, that is our feet. A fat person who walks and runs faces foot pain easily. Whereas people who are fit and healthy seem fine with their feet and feel no pain or comparatively lesser. 

You will look good

A fit and healthy person always looks good compared to an obese person. Being overweight can affect our skin in many ways. The skintone gets darker, skin elasticity and texture is altered by problems with nutritions, diets high in carbohydrates and sugar can cause pallor skin and dark eyes.

Dropping weight helps recovering from skin issues. That’s because a healthy diet leads to weight loss and the same can help in clearing our complexion. Healthy food has been proven to possess natural beautifying particles. As a result, the skin looks younger, fresh and elastic.

You’ll sleep better

When we have irregular sleep cycles, our diet also gets affected and as a result, we start over eating. The link between sleep and weight loss goes both ways. Being short on sleep can really affect our weight. Enough sleep is necessary for everyone. Getting insufficient sleep also causes stress inside us, therefore we lack control of our appetite.

High weight or excess belly fat reduces the amount of air our lungs can hold when we inhale. Losing weight helps reduce the constriction of our breathing. As a result, our body burns fat efficiently due to weight loss and makes it easy for us to sleep better.

You’ll gain confidence

The feeling we experience when we are standing on the weight machine and see the loss of 5-10kgs gives us confidence and we feel good about our accomplishment. We start believing that we can and continue putting efforts. 

You won’t pull out your hair

Our demanding job can increase our stress levels, but so too does our diet. When we are depressed, we pull out our hair. This disease is known as Trichotillomania. With weight loss, we can overcome depression and thus avoid hair pulling. 

Because losing weight is an antidepressant

Losing weight can help you feel better when you are suffering from chronic depression or winter blahs. Since ages, the easiest way to fight depression and recommended treatment has always been anti-depressant medicines. However, aerobic exercises are equally effective and better.

Your knees and elbows will pain less

Osteoarthritis, also known as degenerative joint disease, is the most common form of arthritis in which we lose cartilage and destroy the bones of our joints gradually. It occurs mainly in the hands, hips and knees. It is linked with an aging body but obesity also causes this disease. When we will lose weight and stay active and exercise, there will be less stress on joints.

Low risk of cancer

The main causes of cancer are still smoking, radiation, sun exposure, etc. Obesity is linked to cancer too. Inflammation that causes weight increase causes DNA damage too. Overweight women are more likely to have a high risk of breast cancer and endometrial cancer.

Low risk of heart disease

Excess fat increases cholesterol levels, increases blood pressure, damages the blood vessel system and lowers good cholesterol. As a result of which you are at a high risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke and heart attack.

Low risk of diabetes

The more we eat junk food and unhealthy food, the more our body produces insulin. If our body fails to produce insulin that matches the sugar content level in our body, the sugar stays there for longer, meanwhile, if the time comes that there is no more insulin production it causes diabetes. 

We can lose weight to stay safe of all such diseases and eat healthy. The more we eat healthier foods and foods rich in fiber we are safe. This is the main benefit of staying fit and losing weight.

Your memory may improve

A study showed that women performed better on memory tests after losing weight. The brain scans showed that there was more activity when they were forming memories and less activity when they were recalling the memory. This suggests that lugging around more L-B’s make it more difficult for the brain to work effectively. Hence losing weight helps us improve memory and better brain performance.

You won’t constantly look for food

When you plan to lose weight, you avoid looking around or going inside the kitchen. This is usually because you do not want to test yourself and you know that food is your weakness. When prefer working and staying away from anything that can make you hungry. 

You may get your dream job

Research has shown the negative sides of being overweight includes rejection from a job. The chances of getting a job are comparatively lesser than others. Many organizations prefer fit and good looking individuals to engage them in daily meetings and side communications. People with obesity issues are often overlooked for jobs, promotions and higher positions as compared to thinner colleagues. Getting in shape and slimming down wont only help in getting the job, or a high position or a promotion but also make you confident about yourself and make interviewing much more easier for you.

Your mood will stay good

Due to being overweight, the entire body system gets disturbed and this includes hormones that impact our mood. As a result, it affects our overall well-being and increases the severity of depression. You start feeling helpless at times and think that you don’t look good or people will not like you. These thoughts increase the negative vibes and thus the mood stays bad. Losing weight can overcome these mood swings and keep you happy and fresh.

You’ll breathe better

Breathing is easy when our body is maintained and properly balanced. Higher body fat and additional kgs composition may decrease lung volume. There is a pressure on lungs with the extra pounds which could resist breathing. While we work out, this can affect our daily schedule.

You’ll live longer

Research has proven that the life expectancy and duration is affected by being overweight. Mainly because the obese people have the tendency to catch illness and desease and are unfit comparatively. This reason is good enough to consider while planning to lose weight.

You’ll boost fertility

One of the weight loss benefits is improved fertility. A woman with higher BMI has a lower chance of conceiving. Surgery is a risky factor for people who are obese and experience more miscarriages and pregnancy complications (such as gestational daibetes and preeclampsia). Having a healthy range of body fat can help improve delivery and less infections and surgeries. A man’s fertility also suffers due to obesity. It is associated with low sperm motility and reshaped testosterone levels.

Your immune system will improve

Our immune system improves when we are fit and healthy. Fitness is often compared with less and controlled body weight. Also, our digestive system functions better when we lose weight.

Your wallet will stay thicker

When planning to lose weight, we decide our next diet plan first. We prefer eating vegetables and less fat and sugary items. We plan to spend less dinners and lunch outside. By cutting off all the junks and unnecessary eating, we have no idea how much money we can actually save. Many people spend 10 to 20 percent of their salaries on restaurants and food orders. Losing weight can help save money.

Brain power increase

One way to improve our brain power and boost it is to study and it is a hard job. We didn’t realize that we can simply do this by losing weight. Research has shown that the more weight we put on the less the brain performs and works. By losing weight, with hard work and studying we can take our intelligence level up. This is also good for our long-term health.


The above blogspot answered the question “what are the best reasons to lose weight”.  We learned the best reasons to lose weight and discussed those in detail.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs): Best reasons to lose weight

Why should we lose weight?

There are many helpful and good reasons to lose weight. Some of the reasons to lose weight are:

  • You look good and happy when you are fit
  • You are confident and your skin glows
  • You save money but not wasting on food
  • To boost fertility and increase chances of conceiving
  • To maintain a balanced and healthy diet and stay away from all diseases
  • To get your dream job 

How can we lose weight?

We can lose weight in many ways. A few ways to lose weight are:

  • Eat healthy fruits and vegetables and avoid unhealthy food
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Eat high fiber foods
  • Get more active and exercise daily
  • Eat high protein breakfast
  • Eat slowly
  • Walk more
  • Cut on the carbs, fats and sugary items
  • Use a smaller plate

What are the benefits of losing weight?

There are many benefits of losing weight. Some of the benefits of losing weight are:

  • Less stress
  • Fewer headaches
  • More energy
  • Better social life
  • Money is saved
  • Better immune system
  • Balanced mood
  • Work gets easier