Best reasons to marry someone (Top 5)

The current blogspot will be based on the question “what are the best reasons to marry someone?”. We will learn the best reasons to marry someone and discuss them in detail.

What are the best reasons to marry someone?

There are many reasons to marry someone. The most common ones are as below:

  • Its cheaper
  • It’s better for the economy
  • You deeply trust your partner
  • You spent a lot of time together
  • You want the same things
  • You fight well
  • Marriage makes you feel more secure
  • It can help ditching the apps
  • Marriage is the best way to raise children
  • Silent communication
  • Share your worries
  • Improve your longevity
  • You gain new friends
  • Parenting with your partner
  • Marriage is pure and beautiful
  • Marriage allows you to fully commit yourself to one person.

Its cheaper

When you live alone and pay for everything yourself, you know how difficult it is to manage and how costly it is. Single people spend more expenses than they would if they are married and share the load. Married couples take the advantage of sharing and spending correctly. If it’s a tv, bed, fridge, car, ingredients for cooking or simply a book! It can be shared and money can be saved. Marriage makes living cheaper. Not only with money, couples share home, time, efforts and love. They divide the home cleaning and managing tasks, and divide duties of children. Hence, they have more production with less effort.

It’s better for the economy

What if every single person starts buying a seperate house? A separate car? We have no idea how the economy is balanced and stabilized if marriage rates are increased with birth control awareness. A married couple earns more than other families. Marriage can facilitate the rich getting richer and it’s true. 

You deeply trust your partner

Any relationship which is based on trust is the strongest, happiest and the most successful one. Marriage with the one you trust and love is the most beautiful thing to have. It’s important that the partners trust each other fully, support each other and have each other’s back. If you have no doubts on your partner’s fidelity and you are sure about their capability of fully committing to you, it’s the right time for you to get married.  At this time, you wholeheartedly trust your partner and know that you can count on them through thick and thin and marriage can keep you guys closer.

You spent a lot of time together

When you and your partner have spent a good and long time together and you both are fully comfortable around each other, it’s a good time to get married. If you and your partner enjoy eachothers company, it makes you both satisfied being together, you feel home and feel loved, you should get married. It’s a good indication that the marriage will succeed. Make sure you both have fully discovered each other and know everything about each other before taking a bigger step.

You want the same things

Another good reason to get married is, you finally find someone who is similar to you. It’s important that you and your partner are on the same page. You both agree on what you people want in the future. Discuss and consider if you both want to have kids, where you people want to live, what are the plans for managing expenses and what you both expect from each other. Talk to each other in an honest and open way so that there are no surprises down the road. Even if you feel you are ready, discuss and talk again. Consider having premarital counseling with a therapist before you are married. It will help you guys figure out the success of the marriage and start the knot in a strong way that gives you the support for a happy and everlasting marriage. 

You fight well

Fight and conflict plays a role in all healthy relationships. In order for you and your partner to be able to have a successful marriage, you have to know how to fight fair and resolve the arguments. You guys need to understand how you both fight and how you people resolve it quickly. A healthy relationship is the one with healthy fights. If you both never had an argument, you guys are always in a constant state of conflict and this means you both are not ready to get married beauce you aren’t ready to manage the arguments in a productive way. Make sure you and your partner have argued once at least, have found common ground, and come out stronger as a couple with a deeper understanding, empathy and respect for each other’s point of view.

Marriage makes you feel more secure

When you are in love, you want your partner to stay yours forever. You feel lonely in their absence. You feel bored and insecure sometimes. Marriage makes you feel more secure. Marriage starts by signing those papers and after that a protective shell is created around your relationship. You are sure that out of all the conflicts, you both will come out stronger together. You are also sure that no matter what problems and challenges come your way, you both will support each other. All this security and comfort comes with marriage.

It can help ditching the apps

With marriage, you can stop using dating apps. Avoid unnecessary platforms and focus on your well living with your partner. The time you waste as a single person is saved when you spend time with your partner and talk to them. You do not need anything else to spend time on and you can ditch all the apps.

Marriage is the best way to raise children

Marriage provides a safe means for raising children. The children follow the footsteps of their parents. If we give them good examples on how to treat others by treating our spouse nicely they will do good in future. A son learns from his father how to treat his wife by looking at how his mother is treated and similarly a daughter sees how to treat her husband by looking at her mother treated by her father. Children who are raised by happily married parents exhibit fewer behavioral problems and are more likely to do good in school, at their friendships and relationships when they are adults.

Silent communication

Sometimes all you want is someone to listen to the unsaid. Someone who understands even without asking multiple times. It is great to have someone like this whom you can tell how you feel without saying a word. You can get that by spending a lot of time with someone. It’s a language unique to a long term couple. When you finally find someone with whom you can have a silent communication, you should think of getting married.

Share your worries

In our everyday life, we go through a lot of stress and pressure with work, relationships, finances and others. With marriage, you can tell and share all your worries and difficulties with your partner. You have things to talk about, can make plans and find solutions to the problems. 

Improve your longevity

Research has proved that married people live longer than the unmarried ones. The reason behind this is they are happier, richer and feel complete most of the time. Research has always proven that married people are less likely to detect cancer than unmarried people. Only by staying happy, a lot of problems, diseases and illnesses be prevented.

You gain new friends

When you marry the person you trust and love, you become friends with your partner’s friends. Each partner will bring their friends to the relationship and hence both will share a common friends circle. This way, you’ll grow your circle of friends.

Parenting with your partner

It’s a great blessing to have a child after marriage or receiving a child through adoption. When children are raised in a home where they receive love from both a mother and a father, they grow positively and follow the right path. They experience the lasting benefits of a strong family.

Marriage is pure and beautiful

Marriage is a pure alluring bond two people share in love. We face temptation from everywhere and every minute and sometimes we can not help. The relationship we create after a marriage saves us and gives us the support to defeat temptation by being in love, engaged in deep and satisfying love. A love we have for our mate and we get it back either physically, spiritually or emotionally.

Marriage allows you to fully commit yourself to one person.

With a decision of getting married, two people become one. Marriage is a bond like no other bond. It gives us a partner we can call our own with no doubts. We have a mate with whom we can move through all the challenges of life.


The above blogspot answered the question “what are the best reasons to marry someone”. We learned the best reasons to marry someone and discussed those in detail.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs): Best reasons to marry someone

Why should we marry someone?

There are many reasons to marry someone. Some of the reasons to marry someone are listed below:

  • To have someone you can share your worries with
  • To enjoy parenting with your partner
  • To save more money
  • You see marriage as an exciting thing to do
  • You want to start a new chapter of your life with your partner
  • You trust your partner and want to stay together forever 
  • You want to give your children a stable life
  • You think marriage can bring peace to your life 

How to build a healthy marriage?

There are a lot of ways to build a healthy marriage. Some of the tips to build a healthy marriage are:

  • Spend time with your partner 
  • Avoid extending conflicts for longer
  • Explore common interests
  • Have good communication skills
  • Show respect towards each other
  • Create a spiritual connection
  • Trust each other
  • Become friends
  • Adjust your expectations
  • Support each other
  • Understand your boundaries
  • Show love towards each other
  • Forgive each other
  • Look best in each other every time

What are the qualities of a happy marriage?

There are many qualities of a happy marriage. Some of the qualities of a happy marriage are:

  • They stay committed
  • They trust each other
  • They sit and resolve issues together
  • They are best friends first
  • They support each other
  • They communicate respectfully
  • They laugh together 
  • They are each others priority
  • They grow and learn together