Best reasons to not go to school (13 valid reasons)

In this article, we will tell you what is the best reason to not go to school. We will also discuss school phobia and what to do if you find yourself in this situation, who to ask for help and how to deal with it.

The best reasons to not go to school

Here are the best reasons to not go to school:

  1. Examples of medical excuses for not going to class:
  • You have a fever;
  • You got the flu;
  • You have angina;
  • A family member went through surgery;
  • You have a stomach bug;
  • You have a sprained ankle;

Health comes first, therefore, all these excuses to justify an absence from class can be of great help to avoid the odd class and excuse yourself for not going to school.

Remember that if you accumulate a certain percentage of class absences both at school, at the institute or at the university, you can play the final grade for that subject, so discover several excuses to skip class and be able to justify yourself, always without abusing.

  1. Examples of funny reasons to not go to school. We have created a selection of examples of funny excuses for not going to school to give to your parents or the teacher and get out of trouble, pay attention:
  • My parents are getting divorced and I am very sad;
  • They told me there was no class;
  • I had three exams at the same time because I do a double degree;
  • My dog ​​ate my uniform;
  • My grandmother took the house keys and I couldn’t leave;
  • I have a contagious disease.
  • The class overlaps with another subject, and I did not know which of the two to go!

I don’t like school, what should I do?

Just at the thought of going back to school anxiety mounts and that’s normal. Rest assured, you are not the only one feeling this. Ask your parents how they feel when they get back from vacation, you’ll see! To get through the start of the new school year with peace of mind, talk to your parents and friends about your concerns. The main thing is to play down this event.

Are you afraid of not making it? Is anyone bothering you at school?

Is your lack of love for school-related to the fear of not being able to do it, with regard to other classmates, or to bullying? It is important to put words into your experience and your feelings. 

There are always solutions to make your school year go well: talk to your best friend, your parents or possibly make an appointment with a child psychiatrist or school psychologist, these adults are there to help you. If you cry while going to school, there is bound to be another problem and therefore a solution!

Some kids don’t get the chance to go to school and learn everything that you already know. You are very lucky, even if you don’t realize it today. At school, you will learn new things every day and acquire knowledge that is very useful for your future. Knowledge is the key to success and freedom! Do not deprive yourself of this and find the person you trust who will help you solve your problem.

What do we learn at school?

As a child, when asked what I wanted to do, I would say be calm and happy. This answer did not suit my interlocutors. They probably didn’t understand how life works, an algorithm far too complex for my math “teachers”. There are issues that take longer to resolve. 

I hated school, National Education and everything that goes with it. It doesn’t give everyone the same opportunities, she denigrates students and the most naive of them believe them as if they are superior entities as if we are not equal. From a young age, we have been formatted to obey. When I was asked to do exercises, I would ask “why? “. I was told, “that’s how it is”.

I still do not understand the usefulness of many things taught to me, although I recognize that personal development is aided by certain principles and knowledge that one learns in school.

I lacked motivation and knowledge about the potential training that we had at our disposal. In addition, “formations” are very very VERY poorly represented. In 3rd, it was impossible for me to do a professional baccalaureate because I saw myself on the edge of life if I did that. And for good reason, the teachers urged us to go in general.

Do you know about school phobia?

Although some children “fake” symptoms to avoid going to school, others regularly experience real physical problems: crying attacks, stomach aches, vomiting, panic: this is of course abnormal. It could be a real illness, school phobia.

Children who suffer from it experience panic fear of school, as do other more well-known phobias (spiders, agoraphobia, etc.). These disorders should be taken very seriously and consulted with professionals to help your child overcome his fear.

Often, and fortunately, the refusal to go to school is only fleeting. It can appear or disappear from year to year, or even week to week. There is therefore no need to worry too much and dramatize a situation that would only be temporary.

What are the symptoms of school phobia?

This type of phobia in a child or teenager can come on all of a sudden:

  • Suddenly, the child refuses to go to class,
  • he is crying,
  • he may go so far as to have a panic attack or an anxiety attack.
  • If his parents give in, he calms down and promises to go the next day. But the next day, the symptoms start again.

Sometimes the symptoms of school phobia are more insidious:

  • the child has a stomach ache or nausea before going to class,
  • he spends time in the infirmary,
  • he skips classes,
  • he develops insomnia …
  • Until he really couldn’t set foot in his establishment anymore.

The testimonies of school phobias are therefore varied. But in any case, it is not a whim: if your child absolutely refuses to go to class, it is not because he does not want to but because he cannot.

What can be the causes of school phobia?

Anxious school refusal can be explained by different causes that add up. There can be :

  1. Individual causes: separation anxiety, social phobia (performance anxiety such as fear of speaking in public or failing exams) …
  2. Cyclical causes: recent bereavement in the family, a move, a divorce, etc. The end of the lockdown due to the coronavirus may cause a resurgence of this phobia.
  3. “Instrumental” disorders: precocity, dyslexia and all “days” disorders, hyperactivity and attention deficit disorder (ADD / HD).
  4. Environmental causes: bad understanding with teachers, or especially school bullying.

Good to know: do not confuse school phobia and dropping out of school. Children or adolescents with this phobia remain interested in learning, it is the establishment itself that they can no longer endure. It is important to think about looking for traumatic exogenous causes such as harassment or aggression.

How to deal with school phobia?

Anxious school refusal can be treated well. But if you think your child or teen has a school phobia, don’t wait to react. The sooner the disorder is taken care of, the faster it will heal.

Start by making an appointment with a psychologist or child psychiatrist. They are the ones who can diagnose a school phobia through professional tests and then help you and your child. The assessment established by the child psychiatrist will allow effective monitoring to be set up.

You can also start by consulting your doctor: he can help you and advise you on the care of your child. There are also various associations specializing in school phobia, which will be able to guide you. Contact details can be found at the bottom of this article.

How is school phobia treated?

If your child is completely unable to return to school, the child psychiatrist can request distance learning. But this is a solution that must remain temporary. The risk is that the child or adolescent withdraws more and more from social life and develops addictions or depression.

An individualized reception project can be set up with the college or high school:

  • for example, it may allow your child to come to school for only a few hours a day,
  • it can define special conditions for homework and exams,
  • it may indicate a reception in a more suitable establishment, etc.

In general, the stronger the cooperation between the school, parents and doctors, the better your child will be helped!

Final thoughts

Year after year, thousands of credible excuses are heard in classrooms for missing school. The truth is that we have created a small compilation of examples of excuses for not going to school, but if you inquire you will be able to find a wide variety of excuses to skip school or excuses for not going to high school. 

We also wanted to tell you that wanting to miss school from time to time is perfectly okay. We all get tired, overwhelmed or stressed out because of school deadlines or peer pressure. If this is the case, we want to encourage you to speak with a trusted teacher, the school psychologist or a parent about what you are feeling. 

Do you have an excuse to drop out of class that never fails you? If you have any comments or questions on the content, please let us know!

FAQ on Best reasons to not go to school

What is a good excuse to stay home from school?

A good excuse to stay home from school is that you are sick and it is best to stay in self-isolation than to pass your sickness at school. Speak to your parents and they will probably agree with you. 

How do I skip school without getting marked absent?

If you want to skip school without getting marked absent you have to give the teacher a sick note. Your parents/guardians should be the ones who sign the sick note. 

Is it OK to skip class sometimes?

It is perfectly okay to skip class sometimes. When you are stressed or burned out it is understandable to need some time to recharge. As long as it is occasionally, it is alright.

How can I skip school grade?

To skip a school grade you have to send in a written request to the school principal. Make sure that you state the reasons why you have to skip a school grade. 

Why is skipping class bad?

Skipping class is bad for two reasons. One, you may be missing important information that will later be in exams, or count towards your final grade. Two, some professors count attendance as a part of participation grades and absenteeism is hardly punished in most schools. 


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