Best reasons to quit a job

The current blogspot will be based on the question “what are the best reasons to quit a job?”. We will learn the best reasons to quit a job and discuss them in detail.

What are the best reasons to quit a job?

There are many reasons to quit a job. The most common ones are as below: 

  • You are offered a new job
  • You have personal conflicts and commitments
  • You are dissatisfied with the responsibilities assigned to you
  • You are dissatisfied with the work environment
  • Your job feels hectic and it has tough schedules 
  • You want to continue education
  • You are relocating
  • You had to leave for health reasons that have since been resolved
  • You have a better opportunity on the table
  • You don’t feel safe in your work environment
  • You’re are treated poorly and not appreciated
  • You aren’t being challenged

You are offered a new job

A good reason to quit a job is that you are offered a new job. You will prefer the new job if you are getting more resources and suitable situations. Before you leave your job make sure that you have covered all the bases. 

You have personal conflicts and commitments

You are working at two three jobs together. At this time, you can choose to quit a part time or a full time job depending on your availability.

You are dissatisfied with the responsibilities assigned to you

Sometimes the responsibilities that are assigned to you are over burden or not according to your skill set. You need to work in your own way and take responsibilities according to your capabilities. You may quit the job after talking to the supervisor if the issues remain unsolved.

You are dissatisfied with the work environment

In some workplaces, there is a lot of bashing, inequality, and politics. You are simply a different person and feel not ok in such an environment. You need to work in a peaceful and positive atmosphere. You can talk to your manager in this case and communicate the issue in detail. If you still feel bad in that place, just look for a better opportunity and quit from here.

Your job feels hectic and it has tough schedules 

Sometimes your job feels extremely tough and hectic. Your mental health starts disturbing to a level that you do not feel good while working. You need to see how much you can do and if the stress level is increasing, you may look for a better job and quit from here.

You want to continue education

Sometimes you need to quit since your education is incomplete or you wish to study further. This is indeed a good step since more education can bring you promotions and more better options. Going to school, college or university is a job in itself and requires time and energy.

The degree that you could not complete has been hanging out in the back of your mind lately. Or, maybe you have more interests and want to learn more about them. You just want to grab your backpack, hit the books and go to school. It is a good decision and an exciting one. It is never a bad move to continue your education.

Leaving your job might be scary and especially when you like your workplace or need money but think of that leap as an investment in your future.

You are relocating

You need a job that is also near to you or atleast at a reasonable distance so you can travel easily and reach on time. If you are relocating in the same city. But if you are relocating to some other city then you cannot change your house. You need to quit the job in any case.

You had to leave for health reasons that have since been resolved

Sometimes you need a job but due to health reasons you require a flexible schedule that will allow them to attend doctors appointments. This reason also applies when you need to attend to a sick family member and you are forced to leave employment to become the primary caregiver.

Expected women also leave employment when their not given maternity leaves and their due date approaches to take up full time parenting. They need time until the kids can take care of themselves. It means they will be absent for a longer period. The employer will need a replacement sooner so that the company needs are not affected.If the employee wants to rejoin, they should indicate the circumstances that have changed so that they are now able to focus on the new job.

You have a better opportunity on the table

You decide the best for yourself. It is about your career so do not take any risk. If you are working in a small office where the person in the role above you likely won’t leave for the next 20 years and you are working on the same post and low pay for longer than you do not wish to stay there longer. Maybe the promotion can only happen if the person has the same last name as the founder. When you know you will not be climbing the ladder fast where you are now, you can surely accept when a better opportunity comes to you. It will also be encouraged by others. No one can blame you for advancing towards your better. Sometimes you invest a lot of time at one place for an opportunity and stay there with hope. It is a great step to see your way out and keep moving up.

You don’t feel safe in your work environment

Your safety comes first and it is the most important thing to you and to your employer. You must feel safe in the places you go. Whether your office has a hazardous environment, a place that doesn’t take the proper safety precautions or you are compromising on your mental health. You should quit the job. 

If you are not safe or just feel like being unsafe you will not be able to give your best. What happens at work and how you feel has a great  impact on your well being outside the office. If you think you are in danger, without taking longer just quit.

There are companies where employees are given great benefits and they take mental health seriously. Think about the conditions that are causing you to look elsewhere and ensure that those issues will not occur in your future jobs.Working remotely is also an option now at some places. You may prefer that. There are cities that will pay you to move there to work remotely there.

You’re are treated poorly and not appreciated

You spend a large part of your life at work and should be appreciated. That is the greatest emotional need of an employee. You need that appreciation organically and when it is not coming, you feel hated, terrible and it is a dead end job for you.Getting up early in the morning everyday and managing to get yourself out from under the covers just to trudge into the office and run here and there. Why? Well, when you see all your great work is liked and praised but under your boss’s name, you do not need to struggle at that place. Your co-workers gossip behind your back and make you feel bad. You deserve your dream job and a better place is waiting for you. Go and search for better opportunities and get out of this toxic environment. Do a job where you are treated fairly. Being unappreciated can make you question your own abilities. You deserve to feel gratitude for your efforts and contribution in your workplace.

You aren’t being challenged

When you are challenged, you put in more effort and learn new skills. Being comfortable in your job is ok but you have a solid handle on your daily responsibilities and you easily deal with the problems. Everybody wants to feel fulfilled and challenged by the work. If you want to advance, you need more expertise. Sometimes, it is not just possible after you have been there for too long.

If you like your work but don’t feel challenged anymore, try to switch to a different department, and look for more opportunities. Try talking to a manager and engage in different projects. But if you are tired of the same old routine, you can quit.


The above blogspot answered the question “what are the best reasons to quit a job”. We learned the best reasons to quit a job and discussed those in detail.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs): Best reasons to quit a job

What is the most appropriate way to quit a job?

There are many ways you can quit the job. Some of the steps you can follow are below to properly resign from a job:

  • Look everywhere and identify if its the right time to resign
  • Give at least two weeks notice period
  • Write a proper letter for resignation
  • Explain or give a feedback on why you are leaving
  • Schedule a meeting with the HR or your supervisor
  • Complete the remaining work and do the tasks assigned to you
  • Share gratitude with them for the opportunity
  • Meet everyone before leaving in a good way

Should I quit my job if it makes me unhappy?

You should leave a job if it makes you unhappy but see if you are having a better opportunity or not. Identify what is making you unhappy and see if it can be resolved or not. You can just not simply leave a job since it does not make you happy. Sometimes leaving a job and sitting home is more difficult. If the job also gives you stress to another level that you feel disturbed, you can surely leave that place. 

What are the bad reasons for resigning?

There are many bad reasons to resign. Some of the worst reasons to resign are:

  • You are boring working in your office
  • You are still not rich and that famous
  • You are underappreciated
  • You feel slightly frightened or worried about your ability to achieve success
  • You think it is not for you
  • You are doing less than your friend
  • You don’t feel special or important
  • You don’t know enough
  • You are not sure it is worth it
  • You don’t have friends to go out
  • You have less break time