Best reasons to take leave

The current blogspot will be based on the question “what are the best reasons to take leave?”. We will learn the best reasons to take leave and discuss them in detail.

What are the best reasons to take leave?

There are many reasons to take leave. The most common ones are as below: 

  • Sickness or a doctors appointment
  • A family emergency
  • You have an emergency at home
  • You have a delivery of a major purchase
  • Bike/Car breakdown
  • Relative’s wedding
  • No babysitter or daycare problems
  • Purchasing important things
  • Poor or bad weather
  • Exam preparation
  • Visiting school or university
  • No conveyance
  • You’re going to donate blood
  • Religious reasons
  • Bereavement leave

Sickness or a doctors appointment

Sickness is one of the common excuses to miss work used generation by generation. It is almost a traditional and very effective way for getting a leave. If you are genuinely not feeling well, it is best that you stay home for a day or two depending on your condition. Just tell your manager that you have a slight fever and you need to rest today, otherwise it can turn serious. You may tell you are facing food poisoning and vomiting due to eating at a new place or it is an allergic reaction with some food so you went to the hospital. You also do not have to share doctors prescription and documents to take one day off from work. Although you should check your office policy for this if you are actually sick. You may tell your boss your stomach is upset, you have a high fever or a high temperature like a hot oven and it will be believable and also lame but enough for you to stay home. Not only will working ill worsen your condition but if you are contagious, you could also infect your other colleagues at work. Make sure to update your employer about your condition at the end of the day to let them know if you are well now or need more time to recover.

A family emergency

A family emergency includes many things that you may or may not want to disclose. It may be a variety of circumstances such as a sick child or dependent, a car accident or an unexpected surgery. Children are always getting sick so dragging your kids is an excuse that works well. If you face any of these just notify your employer immediately and keep them posted about your plans and when you expect to get back to work. You may say your mother is unwell and you have to be there with her. In most cases, your boss would like to take care of your family member by granting you a leave because they also understand that wife, husband, kids, parents and siblings deserve our time and care. So, there is no harm in asking for it. Your family emergency could be a very private reason you do not want to explain or tell your boss but you must write an application to your boss. 

You have an emergency at home

You may miss your office for an emergency at home such as a burst water pipe, broken transmission, power outages, or any other emergency that requires the person to stay home to deal with the problem. Many unexpected issues can keep you from getting to work. As with other excuses, tell your employer as soon as you discover the problem. Tell your boss that you have called a repair person and it might take longer and you might not be able to join today. 

You have a delivery of a major purchase

If you are waiting for the delivery of an important shipment that may be a refrigerator, ac, furniture or some expensive product and you need to sign in and accept in person. You do not have neighbors to do it and you live separate from family members so it is upon you to receive the parcel. The delivery man can arrive whenever he wants to. Since it is a major delivery, it can’t be left at the side of the door and you have to receive it yourself so going to work seems impossible. However, if your boss tells you to make such deliveries after work timings or specific instructions on the order, just say that for the next time you will take care.

Bike/Car breakdown

You can make an excuse that while coming to the office, your bike or car broke down or is not functioning well anymore. You are going to repair and the mechanic is saying it will take a minimum of three to four hours as it is a major damage.

Relative’s wedding

Your cousin who lives in another city is getting married and you cannot afford to miss her wedding functions. They personally came to your home to invite you. However, you need to submit a proper application for this and get it approved by your employer or boss.

No babysitter or daycare problems

There are two situations. One is no babysitter case when your babysitter did not show up and you can not leave your baby alone in the home. The second one is daycare problems that may include a daycare in your office that is closed for whatever reason where you leave your baby and you have no one to look after the baby. This is a good excuse to take a one day leave. 

Purchasing important things

You might have to buy or purchase important stuff and for that you need time to visit and explore around. You may need to buy a new apartment or a car. These things require a long time and you need to do the complete papers process. You might tell your boss about this as this is your first priority. 

Poor or bad weather

Here, the situation could be extreme rain or extreme snowfall in your area. You can tell your employer that due to heavy rain in your area, your house is full of water and all the furniture and accessories are drowned. The roads around your home are blocked. This reason can be rarely used in such weather but again, this is a good excuse to take a leave.

Exam preparation

Along with the job, you might be enrolled in a degree program that you do after or before the job timings. You need time when your exams are near or the next day. You can tell your boss that you need to study since in the busy office schedule you couldn’t complete your studies. Your boss will understand the situation and surely approve your leave.

Visiting school or university

You may need to get your degree or get some important signatures from your school or university heads. It is important especially to submit original documents initially at joining or on promotion. Since school, colleges and universities have a limited time to visit, you may ask your boss to give you one day leave as you might need a long time to meet the heads as sometimes they are unavailable or make you wait for longer.

No conveyance

This is a good excuse especially for girls to use. The situation can be that you do not have a conveyance of your own and you live in an area that is far away from the city so calling a public transport is also difficult and only your father takes you to work and he is not available for any reason or you drive yourself but your car is gone for repairs. You can tell your boss about this prior to your shift timings.

You’re going to donate blood

If you are going to donate blood you might fall weak after that. Some people have little energy after donating blood. It is a good excuse to leave the office early or miss it the other day. Since donating blood is a good act to do, your boss will appreciate it and give you a leave to rest.

Religious reasons

Religious rights are important and depend on sect to sect.  Religious holidays may or may not be granted everywhere. Such a holiday may require more than three days. You might need to attend a religious function or hosting it at your place, you have to go to attend it or you are visiting a religious pilgrimage. Different cultures have different types of practices. You need to state your reason in detail and pass an application to the HR or talk to your boss. They will allow you for a leave as it is a pretty good reason.

Bereavement leave

This is painful but the best reason to get a leave. This type of leave is granted when there is a death in the family or loss of a loved one. You have to grieve, need time, you may need to perform the last rites or funeral services and sometimes you also have to care for the personal matters concerning the person you have lost. Companies may offer different number of leave days depending on their policies. You may tell this immediately and submit an application requesting bereavement leave. 


The above blogspot answered the question “what are the best reasons to take leave”. We learned the best reasons to take leave and discussed those in detail.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs): Best reasons to take leave

What reasons can be given for casual leave?

There are many reasons to take a casual leave. Some of the common reasons to give for casual leave are as below:

  • You need a casual leave because of an injury or illness
  • You have a family emergency
  • Days of mourning for the death of a relative
  • You have transport issues
  • You have an emergency at home
  • You have a medical appointment
  • You have a family event 
  • You need to go to your kid’s parent teacher meeting
  • Needing to travel urgently
  • Loss or theft of some kind

What are the best reasons to call in sick?

There are many reasons to call in sick. Some of the best reasons to call in sick are as below:

  • Contagious illness
  • An injury to your hands that does not allows you to work
  • Medical appointments
  • A diagnosed medical condition
  • Expecting a pregnancy or delivery
  • Hospitalization

What are the bad excuses to miss work?

There are many bad excuses to miss work. Some of the common bad excuses we give for missing work are as below:

  • You are unhappy in your job
  • You are feeling tired
  • You could not get up from the bed on time
  • You have an interview at another place
  • You have to clean the house
  • There is power outage at your place