7 Good excuses for missing school for your parents

In today’s article, we will share with you seven good excuses for missing school for your parents. We will teach you how to skip class and how to do it right!

Good excuses for missing school for your parents

We have searched long and came up with these top seven good excuses for missing school for your parents:

  1. Stay home if you’ve suffered some kind of shock

For example, if you’ve recently lost a family member, friend, or someone you were close with, your grief is a good reason to stay home and not go to school. Be honest with your parents about how much the loss affected you.

If a tragedy happens to you, but it doesn’t affect your parents, it will probably be more difficult for them to understand you. Grief is a universal feeling and most people can put themselves in your shoes and give you time to deal with the loss.

However, you must understand that the period of sadness must end someday. Intense sadness can last a long time, and it can be difficult for you to pull yourself out of the situation. If you think that after a few days to a week you still can’t go to school, you should talk to a counsellor and ask them to help you cope with your grief.

  1. Be honest if you are being bullied at school

If you are being bullied at school, talk to your parents or other loved ones. Explain how difficult your school life has become because of the bullying, and ask that you be allowed to stay out of school for a day or two until things calm down.

Many students make the mistake of being silent about bullying. You may be worried about being seen as weak, being called a “rat”, or making things worse by talking about it. Nothing gets better if you don’t take steps to stop bullying, and as a teenager, asking parents, teachers and other adults for help is one of the most effective ways to stop bullying.

Bullying can have long-term effects, such as causing anxiety, depression, or insomnia. Take care of your future by talking about bullying when appropriate.

  1. Asking to skip school

Tell mom and dad you want to spend a special day with them and ask them to take time off from work. This plan can work especially if you are leaving school soon and going to college in another city, or if it will be an easy day for you and your parents (for example, you don’t have any tests and your parents don’t have urgent tasks at work.).

  1. Get a permit for a mental health day

It is important to talk to your parents about anxiety and stress. Adults often forget how difficult school life can be when in fact the stress level at school is quite high. If you are having regular school stress, it may be more helpful for you to deal with it and overcome it. If stress, anxiety, and depression become more serious issues, talk to a parent or counsellor and ask for a day off.

If you think you are developing a serious mental health problem, such as depression or an anxiety disorder, ask your parents to make an appointment with your doctor. This can signal the severity of your problem to your parents, and if you have any kind of disorder, going to the doctor will help control your condition.

  1. Stay home if weather conditions require it

In the event of a severe storm, flood, or any other circumstance that makes the road to school unsafe, your school may be closed for a period of time. If the weather conditions are dangerous, but the school does not close for some reason, it is best to stay home early.

Usually, parents or educators will help you figure out how tough the weather is to stay home, so you may not have to convince anyone of anything. If your parents stay home due to weather conditions, they will be more willing to leave you at home as well.

  1. Be especially late

Incorporate delays into your morning routine and finish your morning chores a few minutes later so you don’t get to school on time. Dress very slowly. Slip your breakfast to change. Dress again … very slowly. Imagine that you can’t find what you want, like a single shoe or a training uniform. Find it eventually, but let it take you 5-10 minutes.

Complain out loud that you are having a bad day; leave a tear if necessary. If you are lucky, the parents will sympathize with you and let you stay at home. Realize that being late affects others, like your parents, who need to be at work on time. Know that you are putting their job at risk and decide if skipping school is worth it.

  1. Miss the bus

Missing the bus could be an accident or a plan. Either way, if you miss the bus, you might not get to school if your parents leave for work early in the morning or if they don’t have time to drive you to school.

Come to the bus stop as the bus leaves. You don’t want your plan to miss the bus to seem too obvious. However, you should walk home from the bus stop long enough after missing the bus. If you’re lucky, your parents won’t have time to drive you to school when you get home.

If your parents are gone when you miss the bus, be sure to let them know it’s too late for them to come back. You must be looking a little frustrated that you missed the class so your parents won’t suspect that you missed the bus on purpose. You could mention, for example, that you’re sorry for missing out on a really cool experience that was supposed to take place in a chemistry, physics, or biology class.

If a parent is still home after you miss the bus, they may offer to drive you to school on your way to work. Act out a scene about how you don’t want your parents to be late for work. Let her know that you are ready to face the consequences of being late, but that you don’t want your delay to affect your parents’ work. However, don’t push too hard. It can be very easy for your parents to recognize a lie.

Bonus tip: Lose something

You can’t go to school without textbooks or homework sticks, right? Look everywhere. The more cluttered your house is, the easier it will be to delay your search to be late for school.

The smaller the object, the easier it is to “lose” it. For example, your mom will find it hard to believe that you lost your backpack or laptop. 

The more important the topic, the more credible your pass will be in case you can’t find it. Losing glasses or contact lenses, for example, is more important than losing a laptop, as it will affect your learning opportunities throughout your workday (and depending on your poor eyesight, it can also affect your learning curve).

If you go to school by yourself, you may lose your keys. However, if it becomes a habit, the consequences can be bad (for example, your parents may not allow you to drive to school and force you to travel by bus).

How to miss school the right way

Convince your parents or guardian to call the school. This is standard procedure. Your parents or guardians will need to call the school and explain that you cannot come.

For most schools, a call from a parent or guardian will suffice. 

In schools with stricter rules, however, you will need to resort to an official exemption, so you need to clarify the school rules. The essence of this practice is to reduce the number of unjustified absences and to keep records of illnesses.

Call the school yourself if you are allowed to. Most schools require the parent or guardian of the student to call regardless of age, but some schools allow the student to call.

Get a doctor’s note. If you have a long-term illness, your school may ask you, a parent, guardian, or another family member for a medical note stating that you are indeed ill. and that you need time to recover.

You will be asked for a certificate from a paediatrician or general practitioner if your illness lasts longer than a certain time. The exact hours may vary from school to school, so you should review the school rules to know when a medical certificate becomes mandatory. This period generally varies from 3 to 10 days, 10 days being generally more frequent.

Final tip

If you are looking for the perfect excuse for missing school, how about having a heart-to-heart conversation with your parents?

First, ask them if you can do it. Just find the right time. Also, pay attention to their mood before speaking. If your parents are out of shape, you shouldn’t be starting a conversation.

Also, be prepared to receive a negative response. In this case, you shouldn’t get hysterical, get angry, and be rude. It still won’t help you stay home. Offer your parents some kind of compromise. For example, if you are staying at home, do all of your mom’s chores (like cleaning the floor or washing dishes).

If you have any clever excuses for missing school for your parents, do let us know!

FAQ on Good excuses for missing school for your parents

What to tell your parents when you don’t want to go to school?

Here’s what to tell your parents when you don’t want to go to school:

  • I am feeling dizzy/have a headache;
  • My teacher will be absent today due to a family emergency;
  • I’d rather stay home and prepare for an important exam;
  • I am stressed out and need a mental health day.

Does the school call your parents if you skip?

School can call your parents if you skip one or more classes, it all depends on your school’s absence policy.

How do I not go to school?

Here are some excuses to not go to school:

  • The school is flooded/there is a lice epidemic/contagious disease in the school.
  • The teacher is off due to a family emergency;
  • You missed the school bus;
  • You are too late;
  • You lost something extremely important (eg. glasses, books, etc).
  • You didn’t sleep all night because you’re stressed out.

Is it OK to skip class sometimes?

It is OK to skip classes sometimes, as long as you don’t make a habit of it. Skipping class occasionally may give you a chance to recharge and relax. 




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