7 Excuses not to go to school besides being sick

In this blog post, we will share seven original excuses not to go to school besides being sick. We will also advise you on what to do if you feel like you hate school and that it is not for you.

Excuses not to go to school besides being sick

You have to admit that it is difficult to find good excuses not to go to school besides being sick. However,  it happens to all students, sooner or later, to wake up one morning and not at all want to go to school. So what can be done? 

For those who prefer not to sneak up on classes, it is wise to think of a compelling excuse to get a day off. Many parents are not easily convinced because they fear that absences could create problems for their child at the time of the polls. 

And then the “job” of the students is to go to school in the morning and study in the afternoon. But today’s students think about it all in order to find an excuse. So here’s what you can tell your parents to stay at home!

  1. The teacher is sick, I have so many free hours … what am I going to do? “This year the flu is really terrible! Many professors are sick and a circular has passed to warn that many hours of lessons will skip. What am I going to do at school?”. For such an excuse you have to be very convincing and avoid your parents deciding to call the school to make sure it’s true. 

But it can be tried, especially in the period of greatest spread of the flu. And maybe you will be able to stay at home, promising to take the opportunity to study and anticipate some homework. So when the teachers return to school, you will be ready to take on any classwork or questioning.

  1. The new teacher is too strict: “The new math teacher (or English, Latin, philosophy, chemistry … or any other subject” is terrible. She doesn’t listen to us, she’s too strict. So we can’t go on. That’s why we decided to protest and today we won’t go to school. We go on strike!”

The objection at school is always a topical issue. However, it must be well motivated: you cannot go on strike for a whim or for a stupid thing. Show your good intentions and explain your reasons. they push to strike, promising, perhaps, that yours will be a civil and peaceful protest (so as not to make your parents worry!), but that you want to make your opinion heard!

  1. The school falls apart: it’s better to stay at home: “All my colleagues have lice! There is a leak in the bathroom! They have to do the disinfection because they found mice running around the classrooms! A panel collapsed from the ceiling, today the school will be closed”. 

The problem of school buildings is also extremely topical. You can come up with any problem (maybe not too serious otherwise parents might decide to go to school to realize the situation!) to skip a school day. No parent will force you to go to school and put you in danger … even if it is a “simple” lice epidemic!

  1. I got a bad grade: I have to study hard: First of all if you got a bad grade on a question or a test in class, be sorry. Admit that you have underestimated the matter and promise to work harder to recover. 

At this point, you can safely ask to be able to stay at home for a day, in order to have more time to study a particularly difficult topic and be prepared when the teacher questions you again. Of course, you’ll have to stay home on the books and prove that skipping that school day did help. But between chapters, you may find time to do something fun too.

  1. I’d rather stay home today, what’s wrong with that? Can’t you tell your parents lies? Try to be honest. If you have good grades, have never caused problems in school and are conscientious students, talk openly and calmly with your parents. 

There are many students who easily admit that they confess to their parents that they don’t want to go to school someday and that they can stay home without having to invent excuses or ailments. And sincerity is always needed. It is enough to have a relationship of complicity and confidence with one’s parents.

Obviously, we must not take advantage of it. One day it may be that you don’t go to school, but it doesn’t have to become a habit. So if you also prefer not to lie to your parents, explain it to your mother or father and stay home!

  1. Most students at school have the flu: Although it may seem like a trivial excuse, it must be considered that schools are one of the main places where the annual infection of viruses and flu occurs. However, in order not to arouse suspicion, it would be better to use it, especially in periods when the flu is more widespread. 

Be careful and keep vague, in case your parents ask you who is sick, they may call your peers’ parents to make sure you are telling the truth! Surely your parents will not want you to get sick and you will gain a few days of rest!

  1.  The professor is ill and will be absent: Another excuse that could be suitable for you is the following: “The professor is ill and will be absent”. This means that you will not take lessons and you will have several whole hours. This does not entice you to go to class and it would certainly be better to stay home and take your time to study. 

Your parents will be willing to let you stay at home to get on with your homework rather than do nothing at school. But remember, make the most of this day to really study and get ready for the next school day!

What to do if your parents don’t believe you and send you to school anyway?

Despite your attempts to find a credible excuse to skip a school day, your parents haven’t fallen into your trap and decided to personally accompany you to school? 

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Wait until they have moved away from the school door, and leave without being seen by the teachers. You will then have to equip yourself to bring the signed justification the next day. 

If there has been self-management in your school, you may want to tell your parents that justification is needed and have your absence book signed. But you will have to write the date and the reason for the absence with a pen that can be erased. 

In this way, when you need it, you will modify the justification, writing the day you skipped school, and you will have the authentic signature of your parents. Alternatively, you will need to be very good at singing like your mother or father.

I do not like studying. My brain is not designed to do it. Can I not go to school?

First of all, our brain does like to study. He does it constantly, even if we don’t want to. The incitement is how we make it focus on what we want instead of wandering from one thing to another. It is a challenge, but our brain – everyone’s – likes challenges.

Why do so many people like to solve crosswords, or Sudoku puzzles, or put together puzzles? Why do we like to play dominoes, chess, cards? Why do we like to compete in different sports, or to read spy and suspense novels?

Because our brain likes challenges. At least, certain types of challenges: those that he finds interesting and for which he glimpses a way out without too much difficulty.

Let me explain: if something is too easy, our brain gets lazy. What’s interesting about adding 2 + 2 again, or playing “cat”? (Sure, as long as you know how to add easily and play “cat” with skill.) It is not fun to listen to something we already know over and over again, precisely because our brain likes to be challenged. He always wants something new, different, challenging.

But not so much that it is incomprehensible, or too difficult. If we entered an advanced lesson in quantum physics, without having any idea what the formulas or the terms used by the teacher mean, we would be deeply bored.

That is why it is impossible that all the classes we take at school are always entertaining. Because students have different levels of knowledge, it is very difficult for teachers to find the perfect level for everyone, that is, a level that is challenging, but not too challenging, for all the brains in class.

The important thing is that you as a student become aware of these two things: one, your brain likes challenges, like everyone else’s. Two: the challenges you like are those that, given your skills, knowledge and skills, seem novel but not impossible.

That is why, as you learn and accumulate knowledge, more and more you will like to continue learning. You will see. In fact, the thirst for knowledge is insatiable. STAY IN SCHOOL, kids!

Final thoughts

While it’s alright to miss school from time to time, don’t make a habit out of it! Going to school is not only about accumulating knowledge, but also about socialization, learning valuable life lessons and creating amazing connections. 

If you have any comments or questions on the content, do let us know!

FAQ on Excuses not to go to school besides being sick

What is a good excuse to stay home from school?

A good excuse to stay home from school is that you are sick and it is best to stay in self-isolation than to pass your sickness at school. Speak to your parents and they will probably agree with you. 

How do I skip school without getting marked absent?

If you want to skip school without getting marked absent you have to give the teacher a sick note. Your parents/guardians should be the ones who sign the sick note. 

Is it OK to skip class sometimes?

It is perfectly okay to skip class sometimes. When you are stressed or burned out it is understandable to need some time to recharge. As long as it is occasionally, it is alright.

How can I skip school grade?

To skip a school grade you have to send in a written request to the school principal. Make sure that you state the reasons why you have to skip a school grade. 

Why is skipping class bad?

Skipping class is bad for two reasons. One, you may be missing important information that will later be in exams, or count towards your final grade. Two, some professors count attendance as a part of participation grades and absenteeism is hardly punished in most schools. 





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