A perfect list of excuses to get out of something (26+ reasons)

In this article, we share the perfect list of excuses to get out of something. We all have been there, so nobody here will judge you for using one or more of the below excuses (just don’t take them too seriously). 

A list of excuses to get out of something

I honestly hope that this brilliant list of excuses to get out of something will serve its purpose no matter the real reason you’d rather pass on an event. 

  1. I have to go see another friend; I’ll meet you after.

Except that you will not join anyone anywhere. The trick to this excuse is that it saves you time. You now have until the next morning to find the right excuse for not having joined them. You are welcome.

  1. I have no money.

It’s stupid, and yet that doesn’t detract from its effectiveness. And above all to your motivation. We may very well want to go out but not have the means. Besides, you just paid the bills. 

  1. I was already out yesterday, I can’t get over it.

A small lie, or not? But no one is perfect, and we’re nowhere near Superman’s metabolism. So if the hangover is still intense at 7 p.m., nobody should blame you.

  1. I hate alcohol, I hate drugs (I hate people).

Honestly, if you keep refusing people, they will get used to it and you won’t have to find an excuse anymore. No one will want to hang out with you.

  1. I ate something and… I’m not feeling well.

Besides gastroenteritis, you can always tell you have the flu. Diarrhoea is enough on its own to guarantee you the perfect excuse (or not if you really have it).

  1. I had a fight with my girlfriend/boyfriend/significant other. 

Oh, nothing too bad, we were just beating our heads around whether we were watching a Netflix series or movie for our slipper party night. But you don’t need to know that. If you think we’re on the verge of breaking up, that’s enough for the excuse to be valid.

  1. I have to get up early tomorrow morning for work.

Certainly not the most effective excuse to get out of something, but if you can make the context and your story stand out, you’ve got it right.

  1. I’m waiting for a delivery and I have no one to pick it up.

Shoes, clothes, books, electronics… Everything goes. The delivery guy whenever he wants (or you want)!

  1. I lost my keys.

Going out without your keys = not coming home. As long as you pretend to call a locksmith, your excuse will be quite credible. 

  1. I have dinner with my in-laws.

Perhaps an important event is due to happen? Who knows, but you can’t miss dinner!

  1. I have a huge pimple on my forehead/I tried to cut my hair.

It might even be a better excuse for you than for your friends. Already because we know people to whom this happens and who believe that it is not an excuse, but a necessity. At least for the pimple. 

  1. I fell asleep.

An easy excuse but one that can work well if the context is there again. Tough week, lack of energy … You gently curl up on your sofa, waiting for someone to suggest something to you, watching a series. And then you go dark. You wake up just too late.

  1. You receive an important phone call.

Yes, that remains one of the bulletproof excuses to get out of something. Discreetly, you send a message to a friend and you invent an excuse like: “Hi, damn, I’m sorry I have a girlfriend who has a big problem she is crying on the phone … I’m sorry but I have to leave … ”. 

  1. The allergy crisis

Pinch your cheeks and neck in the bathroom until you look swollen and red (yes, freedom has to be earned!) and tell them you’ve got an allergic reaction and you have to go… It’s ugly but effective! You can also decline this excuse as a food allergy: a poorly digested kebab is sometimes your way out.

  1.  The new boyfriend

“I’ve had a boyfriend for a few days, it’s brand new so I’m super excited! This time I think it’s the right one. “… It’s a bit of a hard lie to swallow, but if you play it right it goes really well. You just have to prepare an answer to the question “So why did you agree to this meeting ?!” “

  1.  Forgetting your wallet in the uber/taxi

Obviously, you haven’t really forgotten it, but it’s such a hassle!

  1. Create a disaster then disappear. 

Spill whatever you have in your hands. Once covered in water, wine and beer (you need what you need …), say you’re not feeling well and go.

  1. Painful period

For once they are useful, use them! “I’m really sorry, but now I’m having hot flashes, I have to go …”

  1. Talk about money.

If you want to shorten a date: talk about money. ” How much do you earn? “,” Is your watch expensive? “,” I didn’t take my wallet” Chances are, after an hour you are out of the woods.

  1.  Go to the bathroom and never come back

We know it’s cowardly … so use it as a last resort!

  1. I am unwell

Classic, but effective. Say that you have a bad cold or a little gastro and that you especially do not want to infect those close to you. They will not dare to question your words (especially if you call them with a feverish little voice) and will recommend that you take care of yourself.

  1.  One of your (other) relatives has been dumped

Choose a person that the loved ones waiting for you do not know, or if you are particularly good at storytelling, invent one! Then explain that this person you are very close to is not doing well at all after a breakup and that they have just arrived at your house. It’s not that you don’t want to come, but you’re not going to chase her out, are you?

  1. I’m putting together a piece of furniture 

We have all known this: you try to put the different pieces of a piece of furniture together by scrupulously following the instructions in the manual, but nothing goes as planned. How to go to a party when you have a half-mounted shelf in the middle of the living room? Impossible. Explain to your friends that you’re sorry but can’t move until it’s over.

  1. I have a water leak

If you’ve ever been unlucky enough to suffer water damage, you know it’s a real pain. We find ourselves stuck at home either mopping up, looking for the leak and then waiting for the plumber to come and rescue us. Pretend that you are in this situation tonight, but once again, make sure you don’t go wrong afterwards by forgetting that you said that! Don’t overdo it either!

  1. My pet ran away

Do you have a cat, dog, hamster, ferret, rat, snake or any other animal that might escape from your home? Say it happened, and explain that you are looking for him and that you won’t stop until you find him. Warning: does not work with goldfish.

  1. You won a seat for a concert … tonight!

Find out which artists are performing in concert in your home tonight, then pick one and explain to your friends that you just won a seat for this concert and that you are going to attend. Be careful, however: your loved ones may ask you for photos!


It has happened even to the best of us. We just don’t feel like going somewhere, whether it’s a night out or taking a casual leave of absence from work!

We hope that the above 26 excuses to get out of something will suit you, but if nothing works, how about trying to be honest? “I don’t like you and I think it’s not going to be possible actually… without hard feelings?” or “Dear boss, I am burned out and need a mental health day!”. . Yep, sometimes it’s better to tell it like it is, it’s easier for others to accept and it avoids getting into difficult situations (see all the excuses above).

Do you have a list of excuses to get out of something ready to take out of a secret pocket whenever you may need them? If so, let us know!

FAQ on A list of excuses to get out of something

What is a good excuse to not hang out?

A good excuse to not hang out with some is that you are sick, tired, have an important event the next day, you slept in or that somebody else needs your help at the moment. 

How do I get out of last-minute plans?

If you have to get out of last-minute plans, try to do this only if you have a good reason. Do it personally and don’t give too many details (especially if you are telling a lie). 

How do you politely get out of something?

To politely get out of something, tell the person you are supposed to meet that you need to cancel the plans as soon as possible, be sincere and apologetic, be confident. 

How do you tell someone you don’t want to buy something anymore?

When you want to tell someone you don’t want to buy something anymore, just be sincere and tell them: no, thank you. You are allowed to change your mind. 

How do you say no respectfully?

Here are some ideas on how to say no respectfully:

  • I appreciate you thinking of me, but I can’t.
  • My hands are full at the moment.
  • Sorry, I have other commitments to honour.
  • It sounds lovely, but no thank you. 
  • I feel honoured, but I really can’t. 

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