5 Legitimate excuses to leave class early in high school

In this blog post, we will give you five legitimate excuses to leave class early in high school. We will also offer you a short guide on how to survive high school, tips that any student should know!

Excuses to leave class early in high school

Here is a list of the best five excuses to leave class early in high school:

  1. There has been an accident. You just received a super important message, you apologize to your teacher for leaving your cell phone on, but it’s an emergency! A matter of life and death! You promise you’ll catch up with the class, but it’s the truth: accidents don’t just happen to others …
  1. Allergies. Are you an inner actor? After eating “I don’t know what,” your arms and chest are itchy. You can’t help it and “it’s getting very painful”. You better quit the class and go home and take your allergy medication!
  1. Citizen duties. This works if your teacher has blind confidence in his students, so you can try the “Sir, today I have to fulfil my duty as a citizen, I was called to be a juror in a trial, but I have no right to say more ” Hopefully your teacher doesn’t ask for proof …
  1. You are feeling sick. Nothing better than the good old ‘feeling sick’ excuse to escape from class! No teacher can say no, but if you have already lost the trust of your teachers, you will have to give them proof … 
  1. A good lie. All the excuses for dropping out of class are lies, but some will be more believable than others. The trick here is to find a valid excuse to leave class and only come back when class is over. And as we have seen that students are used to lying, especially about their sexual relations, it will not be difficult for those who really want to leave the class. 

You can explain that your car was stolen and that you have to go to the police station to file a complaint. Or, you stay in your bed and you call your teacher to tell him that you locked yourself outside and that by the time the locksmith arrives, the lesson will be over … Too bad!

How to survive high school: tips you must know

Save your energy level for the classroom. You cannot sleep, although you may want to fall asleep during this lesson. The higher your energy level for the classroom, the easier it will be to pay attention and the more engaged you will be. More engaged, less boring. Less boredom, more class.

Find another quiet activity to do at the bottom of the ladder. If you want to keep your mind occupied, try to find a little game for you to pass the time. Until it’s loud or obvious enough to get a teacher’s rebuke, you can play a little game on your own every now and then to help survive a terrible class.

Treat yourself every day. Even if you have to make it to your least-loved class ever, it doesn’t have to be a dungeon if you go with the right attitude. Develop a little ritual for yourself when you know you have to go to class to give yourself the strength to do so. It’s up to you.

Dress for school. Your appearance can influence your state of mind. If you dress like you don’t want to be there, you’ll want to. Instead, wear a new outfit or take the time to prepare for school on days when you have a class you don’t like, so that you feel confident and fresh, instead of getting bored and tiring.

Consider dropping out of the course, if necessary. While this is usually only an option in college, and sometimes in high school, if you can’t really take a course right now, sometimes it’s a better idea to consider dropping out and take another class with another teacher, or resume this class when you feel better equipped to take it …

Take notes and jot them down. It’s a win-win situation. Taking notes keeps you engaged and productive in class while jotting down is a fun and easy way to take time, and it has the added effect of helping you stay engaged.

Allow yourself to daydream every now and then. Every now and then, you can allow yourself an entertaining daydream without sacrificing your attention. A recent study even showed that letting the mind wander in controlled bursts can help you refocus and retain information.

Personalize your school materials for a boring course. Go out of your way to find school supplies for the classroom that you don’t like, to decorate your binder, notebooks and notes. Get some coloured pens, pencils, stickers and those elaborate plastic dividers. Even though the course is dreadful, it will give you something to enjoy and a separate activity that will keep you engaged.

Do just enough to be successful. If a class is a real disappointment, you don’t have to be the number one student at the top of the class. You don’t need an A in every class, but that doesn’t mean you can relax to the point of having to rehearse. If you don’t succeed, you’ll end up coming back here, hating the class again. It does not mean anything.

Be prepared for each class. If you show up to every class without a book, without a pencil, and without having made the necessary preparations, everything is going to be worse. You will be hassled by the professor, you will be confused the entire time you are there, and you will have nothing to occupy you. Even though homework is a bummer, you have to do it if you want to survive the classroom. Even if you hate it.

Make a friend in class. A class that you don’t like will be much better during the semester if you can find a buddy. If you go there alone every day, it’s always going to be hard. But if you have a friendly face waiting for you, and a sympathetic ear to complain afterwards, things will turn out a lot better.

Try to relate the class to other topics that interest you. What if it wasn’t algebra, but training for astronauts, so you can learn the right formulas for plotting your path to the moon? What if it wasn’t a gym class, but a secret training centre for talented and genius athletes? What if it wasn’t history, but spy training? Whatever you do, fantasize that it is something else and that you have to do the right thing to be successful.

Do your best to hold on well. If you don’t like a class because you’re constantly in trouble, that class is going to be much more difficult. If survival is your goal, learn when to button and stop, otherwise, the rest of the class will only get worse. If you’re gonna be a fool, be subtle. Try to spend the whole class talking to your friend without getting caught.

Reward yourself with a snack. Algebra is better if there is a Snickers bar on the other side. Get a snack reward for a class you hate, to treat yourself before, during or after, depending on your school’s rules. Try to save it for later, to give yourself something to look forward to. Keep your granola bar as a reward to go through another one.

Talk to your teacher about your problems. If you’re really having a hard time and can’t make yourself happy in class, or if you are really stressed and anxious about a particular class, talk to your teacher about your problem. Often the teachers will be very sympathetic, especially if you have a real desire to do better and to get through the class without causing problems.

Find something to enjoy in class. No class is fun all the time, but sometimes you can pick something you like, to help you stay more focused and give you a reason to enjoy being there. Even if it’s not the content of the classroom itself that’s at stake, but the classroom, the students, or your own brain.

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Not all teachers are born speakers; some are soporific, boring, or just plain boring. Obviously, it’s not smart to skip class, because now that you are an adult you have to assume your responsibilities. Luckily, there are some compelling excuses to get out of class when you’re bored. 

On the same page, try to do your best and do not skip classes too often. High-school is probably the most fun, entertaining and reminisced part of the school. Don’t believe me? Ask any adult out there…

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FAQ on Excuses to leave class early high school

What is a good excuse to stay home from school?

A good excuse to stay home from school is that you are sick and it is best to stay in self-isolation than to pass your sickness at school. Speak to your parents and they will probably agree with you. 

How do I skip school without getting marked absent?

If you want to skip school without getting marked absent you have to give the teacher a sick note. Your parents/guardians should be the ones who sign the sick note. 

Is it OK to skip class sometimes?

It is perfectly okay to skip class sometimes. When you are stressed or burned out it is understandable to need some time to recharge. As long as it is occasionally, it is alright.

How can I skip school grade?

To skip a school grade you have to send in a written request to the school principal. Make sure that you state the reasons why you have to skip a school grade. 

Why is skipping class bad?

Skipping class is bad for two reasons. One, you may be missing important information that will later be in exams, or count towards your final grade. Two, some professors count attendance as a part of participation grades and absenteeism is hardly punished in most schools. 





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