13 Good excuses to miss school on short notice

In this blog post, we will talk about good excuses to miss school on short notice. We will train you on how to skip classes like a pro, without getting caught and without too much trouble. 

Good excuses to miss school on short notice

After thorough research, here are our good excuses to miss school on short notice:

  1. You can notify your parents on short notice that your class will have a trip tomorrow, a hike, a competition, a contest, which you do not want or cannot participate in because you are sick, you were not chosen as part of the team, etc.
  1. Let the teachers themselves “get sick” or “send them” to the teacher contest. It works every time!
  1. Homework is a wonderful way out of a situation where you don’t know what to think about. Ask your parents for more time to study, since this subject is very hard!
  1. In the age of technology, every student has a cell phone. After the first lesson, tell the teacher that your mother called and asked you to urgently pick up your little sister (brother) from kindergarten because she (he) has a high temperature. Mom can’t leave work, Dad is also very busy, and Grandma lives in another city. Therefore, today you will take care of the sick child.
  1. Hide your backpack at school, and when the lesson starts get loudly indignant and yell that the backpack with all the textbooks and notebooks is missing. You go to search for it and you arrive at the end of the lesson. Remember to lightly stain your backpack to say you found it in the stadium or in the cleaning room. The main thing is to look very upset.
  1. Sit overnight at the computer. In the morning, your eyes will become red and swollen. Go to your parents with a sad expression and tell them that you feel very bad, that you have a headache and a throat ache. Your appearance will be the proof. 
  1. You can also go to school and come back in 15-20 minutes, telling your parents that the school heating is broken, that the classrooms are cold, that repairs are underway and everyone was sent home.
  2. Or let’s pretend that all schoolchildren are screened at school. Doctors said today only girls (or only boys) are screened, or only grades 1-4, and the rest are sent home.
  1. If neither method works, you must really get sick. Maybe we’ll write another article on this when we figure out how to take the blame out! 
  1. In the event of a severe storm, flood, or any other circumstance that makes the road to school unsafe, your school may be closed for a period of time. If the weather conditions are dangerous, but the school does not close for some reason, it is best to stay home early.
  1. Incorporate delays into your morning routine and finish your morning chores a few minutes later so you don’t get to school on time. Dress very slowly. Slip your breakfast to change. Dress again … very slowly. Imagine that you can’t find what you want, like a single shoe or a training uniform. Find it eventually, but let it take you 5-10 minutes.
  1. Missing the bus could be an accident or a plan. Either way, if you miss the bus, you might not get to school if your parents leave for work early in the morning or if they don’t have time to drive you to school.
  1. The problem of school buildings is also extremely topical. You can come up with any problem (maybe not too serious otherwise parents might decide to go to school to realize the situation!) to skip a school day. No parent will force you to go to school and put you in danger … even if it is a “simple” lice epidemic!

What to do if your parents don’t believe you and send you to school anyway?

Despite your attempts to find a credible excuse to skip a school day, your parents haven’t fallen into your trap and decided to personally accompany you to school? 

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Wait until they have moved away from the school door, and leave without being seen by the teachers. You will then have to equip yourself to bring the signed justification the next day. 

If there has been self-management in your school, you may want to tell your parents that justification is needed and have your absence book signed. But you will have to write the date and the reason for the absence with a pen that can be erased. 

In this way, when you need it, you will modify the justification, writing the day you skipped school, and you will have the authentic signature of your parents. Alternatively, you will need to be very good at singing like your mother or father.

Our tips if you want to miss school

Convince your parents or guardian to call the school. This is standard procedure. Your parents or guardians will need to call the school and explain that you cannot come.

For most schools, a call from a parent or guardian will suffice. 

In schools with stricter rules, however, you will need to resort to an official exemption, so you need to clarify the school rules. The essence of this practice is to reduce the number of unjustified absences and to keep records of illnesses.

Call the school yourself if you are allowed to. Most schools require the parent or guardian of the student to call regardless of age, but some schools allow the student to call.

Get a doctor’s note. If you have a long-term illness, your school may ask you, a parent, guardian, or another family member for a medical note stating that you are indeed ill. and that you need time to recover.

You will be asked for a certificate from a paediatrician or general practitioner if your illness lasts longer than a certain time. The exact hours may vary from school to school, so you should review the school rules to know when a medical certificate becomes mandatory. This period generally varies from 3 to 10 days, 10 days being generally more frequent.

Face the real reason. Ask yourself why you don’t want to go to school. If you want to hide from the abuser or avoid some other serious problem, you should be better off looking for solutions to the problem, rather than running away from it. It will make your life happier and healthier in the future.

Don’t skip school. Review each of the absentee options offered by your school. If you skip school for no reason or at a call from your parents, you will be considered a schoolboy and you could have serious problems as a result.

Find out what you are missing. In some subjects, it will be more difficult for you to catch up with the class than in others. Before you stay home and skip school, you should consider how difficult it will be to catch up with class when you get back and determine whether skipping school is worth it. This is especially important if you are pretending to be sick or if you are staying home for some reason that is not very important.

Consider the consequences. You can stay home for a real reason or pretend you’re sick if you don’t have such a reason to jump. Either way, skipping a day or more of school can make your life more difficult later on.

Kids love to skip school – it’s a generally accepted fact. But they do not always manage to find good reasons for absenteeism. Better to play it safe and read how to cheat properly so that they don’t understand it. 

A conclusion

There are many other options for avoiding going to school, but many of them, unfortunately, have serious consequences. For example, it is suggested to drink iodine, put mustard plasters or other heating compresses on the forehead, rub the armpits, etc. But it is better to choose safe options so that absenteeism does not turn into a real illness and go to the emergency room!

If you have any questions or comments on the content, please let us know. 

FAQ on Good excuses to miss school on short notice

What to tell your parents when you don’t want to go to school?

Here’s what to tell your parents when you don’t want to go to school:

  • I am feeling dizzy/have a headache;
  • My teacher will be absent today due to a family emergency;
  • I’d rather stay home and prepare for an important exam;
  • I am stressed out and need a mental health day.

Does the school call your parents if you skip?

School can call your parents if you skip one or more classes, it all depends on your school’s absence policy.

How do I not go to school?

Here are some excuses to not go to school:

  • The school is flooded/there is a lice epidemic/contagious disease in the school.
  • The teacher is off due to a family emergency;
  • You missed the school bus;
  • You are too late;
  • You lost something extremely important (eg. glasses, books, etc).
  • You didn’t sleep all night because you’re stressed out.

Is it OK to skip class sometimes?

It is OK to skip classes sometimes, as long as you don’t make a habit of it. Skipping class occasionally may give you a chance to recharge and relax. 




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