List of believable Sick Day Excuses (13+)

In this Blogspot we will share the list of some believable sick day excuses that may be used to call out of work. We will enlist the various types of sick day excuses and further discuss the validity of sick day excuses that sound acceptable for a sick day leave from work.

 List of believable Sick Day Excuses

 Following is the list of believable Sick Day Excuses:

●  Personal Commitments

●  Medical emergencies

●  Unforeseen situations

●  Natural calamities

●  A traumatic situation

●  Family Emergencies

●  Stress

●  Health concerns of a Family member

●  A pandemic situation

Personal Commitments

One of the main reasons or the basic reason for a sick day leave is the personal commitments of an individual. A person might have a prior appointment with his General physician

 At times there are reasons for  sick days that are related to an individual’s own health concerns and are unavoidable situations. The individual might be in a complicated situation because of a recent break up, is  in stress and has an appointment with a psychologist for some counselling sessions.

Medical emergencies

One of the major reasons for sick day leave is the medical emergencies that are listed below , and need immediate response.

●  A sudden shock to his wife  due to electric current in the cable out in the laundry.

●  A child broke his forearm while playing in the backyard.

●  The surgical incision suddenly started bleeding and required immediate medical attention.

●  The wife had to be taken to the hospital in labour emergencies.

●  The dental implant got displaced while having breakfast.

●  Had a cut with a knife while preparing the dinner.

●  A sudden pulse rate issue or a difficulty in breathing.

●  A sudden heart attack or  a stroke.

Natural calamities

Natural calamities are also the biggest reasons for a sick day. Following are some of the examples of a sick day leave due to natural calamities.

●  There might occur an unexpected heavy rainfall leading to a flood situation that calls for a sick day leave.

●  There  might be a sea cyclone leaving everything devastated in the city and resulting in physical ailments that could be reason for sick day leave.

A traumatic situation

While everything is living in peace, there could be an unexpected accident that calls for an immediate sick day leave to get medical aid.

A person might encounter a heat stroke while on the way from the office and needs prompt treatment to  recover soon.

 There  might be  a loss of breath because of suffocation in a mart that had poor  air conditioners ,working ineffectively.

Family Emergencies

Family emergencies are most of the time major reasons for a sick day leave as there could be an emergency situation in the family which has to be handled immediately.

The child might get choked as he swallows the silicone gel from a shoe box or the other child gets the coin stuck in his throat. These are the quick reaction situations that call for immediate sick day leave.

There might be a prompt call from the wife to rush to hospital as she is in labour pains.



Another reason for a sick day leave is that the individual is suffering from high  stress for some reason . The reason might be the peer  pressure at the workplace,  the family problems or the salary issues , workplace environment , or the inconsiderate boss.

The stress ends up in a highly frustrated or at times an aggressive individual who seems sick,  and tries to avoid the workplace for some reason for a day.

 A pandemic situation

 The most common reason for a sick day or  to put it more precisely , the reason for many of an individuals’ sick days in the last two years is the pandemic that has hit the entire world.

There could be any  pandemic situation of a similar kind which can infect people, spread in some areas more rapidly and the individuals have a reason for a sick day leave.

Those who suffer from pandemic will get a sick day leave as soon as they see any noticeable  symptoms .

The individual might get the sick day leave to get vaccinated for the prevention of pandemic or he might not recover soon after the vaccination  and gets another  sick day leave or two for the recovery after vaccination.


There are various reasons that are presented for a sick day leave by an individual  who plans to take a day off from the work.The individuals who all at a sudden feels like a fever coming will take a sick day leave and calls his boss that he was  unable to make it because of the high fever .The reason for a sick day leave should always be valid and based on truth instead of any false statement or simply just a reason to skip an office.

Frequently asked questions;What are the reasons for a sick day leave?

It has been concluded from various surveys in the  workplaces that flu and fever is the most common reason for a sick day leave in the workplaces.

Apart from this there are some other medical emergencies like accidents or traumas.

What are the best reasons for a sick day leave?

There are various reasons that are considered to be the best reasons for a sick day leave . These are :

●  Emergency call for a home delivery

●  An appointment with the dentist

●  A counselling session with the psychologist

●  Nursing a child at home as mother is not well

What are some good sick day excuses?

●  A sudden viral infection like flu or cold

●  An immediate call for family member’s surgery

●  a stroke

●  Stress due to workplace anxiety

●  Hospitalization of a family member

What qualifies sick leave?

A sick leave is a granted paid leave from the employer to its employee

that can be availed at any time in a month for a genuine and valid medical reason.That could be hospitalization or any viral infection or even a contagious disease.


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