List of Excuses for a Black Eye (11 Excuses)

In this blog entry, we will be discussing how a Black Eye is defined, the list of excuses for a black eye, and we will be answering frequently asked questions regarding the black eye.

What are the excuses for having a Black Eye?

Something unexpected suddenly hit your way, like a blow of a punch to your face, perhaps? You may try and convince people of its natural occurrence, but we’re guessing a whole lot won’t be believing you once they see the uncanny. If you need a list of believable excuses, then here are eleven realistic excuses for having a black eye:

  • you are into martial arts
  • you got hit by a ball while wearing your spectacles
  • you got into a fistfight
  • you hit your bedpost
  • you ran into a door
  • you tripped on the stairs and hit the railings
  • you tripped yourself while you were running to catch something
  • you were goofing around with a friend and they accidentally elbowed you in the eye
  • you were helping a friend with construction work and a plank of wood fell on your head
  • you were playing with your dog and you suddenly bonked heads
  • you were wrestling with a buddy and things got out of hand

A black eye is an appearance of discoloration around the eyes caused by a blow that caused bleeding beneath the skin. Knowing how that could look like, you may find yourself in a situation where you would rather not let people know how you actually got your black eye, to save yourself from embarrassment or ridicule, perhaps. And even the abovementioned reasons can get your friends laughing, we reckon they’re still probably better-sounding reasons than the fact behind your black eye. So, let’s try to go into each excuse and see how we could make even at least one of them work out for you!

You are into martial arts

What excuse could be more believable than you being into martial arts? Somebody punched you while you were doing one of your classes after school or work sounds better than somebody punched you, period, right? People aren’t likely to ask more questions, especially when they aren’t into the sport itself. Not only this excuse saves you from whatever it is you want to be saved from, but also it might make you, at least in a while, positively, the talk of the town. Or maybe on a smaller scale.

You got hit by a ball while wearing your spectacles

The traditional excuse of being hit by a ball, but while wearing your eyeglasses! Yes, because a lot of people, just getting hit by a ball on their face do not really end up getting black eyes after. The chances of one getting so increase if they were ever wearing glasses or some other eyewear because of the additional pressure the impact of a flying ball towards their faces would give. Or you could say a frisbee or some other flying object you could think of.

You got into a fistfight

Simple and straightforward, even what most people would probably expect to hear, only that you make the impression clear. Is this even an excuse? Well, maybe if the actual cause for your black eye is something different, then absolutely. No need to stress yourself much on this one as what the people think they see is pretty much what they get to hear. Yeah! I got into a fistfight. What else did you think?

You hit your bedpost

Why not?! Everyone trips in the dark, don’t they!? Yep, you hit your face or nose on the bedpost while you were about to go to bed after having switched off your lights, or when you were about to get back to bed after going for a midnight bathroom break, or even when you were just trying to get up from bed before. Imaginable, yes?

You ran into a door

Your house doors are transparent or made of glass and even if you have lived there for so long you still have not been able to handle their transparency! So you ran into them. From time to time, actually. Only this time you got yourself a black eye or two. Your skin has been very sensitive recently. So maybe it explains things.

You tripped on the stairs and you hit the railings

Your pet monkey left a banana peel on the stairs and as a consequence, your unfortunate slipping trip. Now your previously gorgeous face looks funny like your monkey after hitting the railing– no, we didn’t mean that. We do not think monkeys are ugly at all! Would you care for some makeup tips to cover your mishap?

You tripped yourself while you were running to catch something

You were running late for your train or bus, or you were trying to catch the cab or a mouse that escaped your clutches! The taxi wouldn’t stop for you, so you had to go running after it. Whatever it was you were trying to catch, use that as reason and that you tripped yourself in the process. We do think it’s reasonable.

You were goofing around with a friend and they accidentally elbowed you in the eye

Who has not experienced getting elbowed while goofing around? Even accidents happen during pillow-fights! The real reason behind your black eye may not be a case of “no harm, no foul” to you, but for this reason, it can be in the understanding of the other people. And that is the reason why you’re looking for an excuse, right.

You were helping a friend with construction work and a plank of wood fell on your head

No, you were not wearing any protective gear or helmet when a plank of wood fell on your head. Your bad, but the regrettable thing has already happened. You may even tell your friends that because of what had happened, you have learned your lesson to wear protection always when it comes to working with construction, even with the company of a friend anyways, whom you initially thought would keep you safe from harm.

You were playing with your dog and you suddenly bonked heads

Aww, aren’t dogs the best?! Playtime with domesticated yet still potentially wild animals doesn’t always turn out the best for anybody, though. Mishaps can still happen anytime, and one of these could be getting a bonked head from your pet on a happy weekend. So yep, this could be an excuse for your apparent misfortune.

You were wrestling with a buddy and things got out of hand

We all like a bit of grappling here and there, don’t we? And we’re guessing for those who aren’t really into combat sports, wrestling with our buddies can be a way to express our aggression in a controlled setting, only that at times things can get out of control, alright! Ohh, you hurt your buddy a bit more than you intended, so now the joke’s on you.

FAQ: Excuses for a Black Eye

Here are five Frequently Asked Questions regarding the black eye:

How would you get rid of a black eye fast?

According to healthline, generally, it would take a black eye about two weeks to heal, and this may take more or less time depending on how severe it is, your overall health, how you care for the black eye, and your age, even. But to get rid of a black eye fast, here are a few things you can do:

  • Rest. You should take a break from participating in sports and other physical activities that may pose a further risk for your eye injury.
  • Elevate your head. Do this when you are sleeping. And when you are not sleeping, try to keep your head elevated anyways, as this will help blood flow to your heart instead of pooling in your black eye area.
  • Avoid pressure. When using a cold or warm compress, do not press on your black eyes. Remember to be extra gentle as you massage them.

What would cause a black eye without injury?

‘Allergic shiners’ can cause you to have a black eye even if you had no injury prior. These “shiners” may cause dark circles around your eyes because blood flow is slightly hindered.

What are the stages of a black eye?

According to Medical News Today, there are four stages of healing for black eyes and other types of bruises which change color as they heal, and these are:

  • Stage 1: Oxygen-rich blood pools at the site of the black eye, creating a bump that will make your black eye appear purple or red.
  • Stage 2: Your body begins to break down the blood component hemoglobin which carries oxygen, and as the pooled blood loses oxygen, your black eye may turn blue or purple due to the creation of compounds bilirubin and biliverdin.
  • Stage 3: Your body will continue to break down the pooled blood, and after five to ten days, your black eye may turn green or yellow, depending on your skin color.
  • Stage 4: Between ten and fourteen days later, your black eye may turn light brown, or, the color may not be noticeable anymore by then.

Can stress cause a black eye?

As shared in the kaya clinic blog, stress can cause black eyes or dark circles around your eyes. You may think it is just because of a lack of sleep, but there is more reason for it. When we are stressed, blood is being provided to the other parts of our bodies and not as much to our faces, making us look very pale. And because of this, the blood vessels underneath our eyes get to become more apparent, eventually producing dark circles, or black eyes.

How do you know if a black eye is serious?

As mentioned on the Eye Associates of Richboro website, one would know if a black eye is serious when:

  • there is blood on the surface of your eyeball
  • there is blood or fluid coming out of your nose or ears
  • you are unable to move your eye
  • you experience fainting
  • you have a loss of vision or when you now have double vision
  • you have constant headaches and severe ones
  • you vomit


Right now, you should know more about black eyes, how it is defined, the possible excuses you can give to people if ever you get one, and answers to frequently asked questions about the black eye. If you have any questions or comments, then just enter them into the comment section below and let us get back to you!


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