A list of reasons to be happy (121 reasons)

In this article, I will share with you a list of reasons to be happy. No matter what you are going through right now, I hope this list will give you hope and at least one reason to smile today.

My list of reasons to be happy

If you woke up this morning not sure where to start, or if you are feeling down and in need of a list of reasons to be happy, if you can’t find too many reasons lately (or in general), the list below will surely inspire you to add a few more.

Because it would have taken too long to gather millions of reasons, I have reduced myself to a hundred and a bit, a little more general and accessible to anyone.

Here is my list of 121 reasons to be happy:

  1.  Family – the only people who are with you unconditionally
  1. People around you – everyone contributes an important lesson
  1. Internet and easy access to any information
  1. The phone – you are a call away from anyone
  1.  The bed you sleep in
  1. The food you eat
  1. A good wine
  1.  The clouds in the sky and their brilliant shapes
  1.  The music and the state it offers you
  1. The green of trees and nature
  1. A shower with hot water 
  1.  The sea
  1. The mountains
  1.  That you can see all the beautiful things
  1. You can hear
  1. You can move
  1. Cameras and pictures that you can remember
  1. . The fact that you can remember all the pleasant moments
  1.  Wind breeze
  1.  Silence
  1.   Sports/Exercise and how it helps you shape your body
  1.  Friends who make you laugh
  1.  Millions of books that can send you to another universe
  1.  The blanket that keeps you warm at night
  1.  The stars in the sky
  1.  Car, train, plane and all the means by which you can travel easily
  1.  The architecture of everything around us
  1.  Chocolate
  1.  Thousands of assorted aromatic teas
  1.  Animals that make your life richer
  1. Children who always give you creativity lessons
  1.  Movies
  1.  Colouring pencils
  1.  Events where you can always meet new people
  1. Mentors from whom you can always learn something
  1.  The autobiographies of the people you admire
  1.  Green and quiet meadows
  1.  The birds that delight you with their “music”
  1.  Restaurants where you can always indulge in something good
  1. . Lots of delicious fruit
  1.  Clubs and pubs where you can have fun with friends
  1.  The clothes you wear
  1.  Special occasions that give you the opportunity to shine
  1.  The care products we have access to and help us feel more beautiful
  1.  Extreme sports that give us the necessary amount of adrenaline
  1.  Amusement parks
  1.  The favourite food of your childhood
  1. . ​​Social networks and all sorts of online platforms help us to always be connected to our loved ones
  1.  The news that helps us know what happens thousands of miles away
  1.  Documentaries where we can see places we may never reach
  1.  A hot chocolate on a cold day
  1.  The elders and their stories from other times
  1.  Footwear
  1.  Medicines and plants that help us live as long as possible
  1.  Love
  1.  A sincere smile
  1.  A hug
  1. . The surrounding parks
  1. . The food processor, the washing machine and all the appliances that make our lives easier
  1.  The roof above the head
  1. The life lessons left by minds that lived hundreds or thousands of years ago
  1. The job that helps you get the things that cost money
  1. . The fascinating cultures of the world
  1.  Medical equipment, which helps us prevent many diseases
  1.  Specialists in all fields
  1. Athletes through whom we can also feel the joy of performance
  1. . The variety of foods we can choose from
  1.  Ebooks that help you have your own library on a phone or tablet
  1.  Cafes and terraces where we can relax at any time
  1.  Public transport that helps us save a few hours a day
  1.  The disappointments we go through and the lessons that come with it
  1. Feelings That Make Us Feel We Are Living – From Fulfillment or Enthusiasm to Sadness or Pain
  1.  The colours that surround us
  1. Favourite TV-series
  1.  Markets where you can buy the freshest fruits and vegetables
  1.  A warm foam bath
  1. The tears, the defects and the weaknesses that make us human
  1.  Fire seen in a fireplace, stove or campfire
  1.  Chilly mornings
  1.  Rain and smell after the rain
  1. Small gestures of others, such as holding the door or lifting an object that has fallen out of your hand
  1. A kiss full of emotions
  1.  A clear sky
  1.  Sea waves
  1.  The little traditions you have with family or close friends
  1.  Friends you see again after years and you have the same feeling of trust
  1.  Holidays
  1.  The colours of autumn
  1.   Access to continuing education
  1.  Sex and intimate moments
  1.  The word “thank you”
  1.   SPAs, massage parlours and all the places where you can be pampered
  1.  The hope that you can achieve whatever you set out to do
  1. Small successes such as a promotion, the first marathon, a delicious meal or an appreciation received
  1.  Wrong decisions – because that’s the only way you can learn
  1.  A colourful sunset
  1.  Drinking water
  1.  The art in which people have invested hours, days or even years to create it
  1. . That you are free – you can say what you want and live as you wish
  1.  The life experience you can pass on
  1.  How easy it is to make someone smile or wipe their tears
  1.  The gaze of a helpless man to whom you can offer a loaf of bread or a kind word
  1.  Musical instruments and what you can create whether you have talent or not
  1.  A rainbow
  1.  The feeling of the morning when you realize that you have a new day in which to enjoy life
  1.  Comedians who make you laugh anytime
  1.  Cinemas
  1. Failures that help you appreciate success
  1. The freedom to change your life from one day to the next
  1. . Travel agencies or bloggers that help you travel cheaply almost anywhere
  1.  Accessories such as umbrellas, slits, gloves or sunglasses make our lives more comfortable
  1.  Favourite dress or jacket
  1. The moments when you are alone with your thoughts
  1.  Favourite pyjamas
  1. A fluffy bathrobe
  1.  Independence of being alone, without having to take into account someone else
  1.  The security and the feeling of fulfilment that a happy relationship gives you
  1.  A restful sleep
  1.  Cinnamon, basil and spices give flavour to any dish
  1.  Perfumes that give you such different sensations
  1.  Your personality – the fact that you are unique and have so many wonderful things that represent you

And the list goes on and on. I wrote this article in about an hour, so it’s so easy to find things to be grateful for.

It is impossible not to have at least 2-3 things that make you truly happy in every moment of life. Indeed, it is very easy to see the ugly things, the misfortunes around you, the evils and so on, but can you still enjoy the only life you have if you focus on the negative?

Look for reasons to be happy and not reasons for dissatisfaction

Here is something I understood in time: I don’t let things that could make me unhappy take up too much space in my world.

I could be destroyed every day. I could stumble upon people who are careless, the state that does not protect me, the past when I was not a child raised at home with a pool and personal driver. I didn’t have all the toys that the others had, I didn’t live the love stories that my friends knew … not many things happened to me.

However, today I do what I like, I have built a beautiful world in which I enjoy wonderful events with people who understand exactly what I do and who resonate with me.

Every day I see the sun, I hear the birds. I choose the reasons that make me happy every day. I’d rather look up and look at the sky than count the asphalt pits, I’d rather listen to the birds in the parks than the howls of those around me, I’d rather watch comedies than watch macabre news. 

I’d rather do something new every day than a complaint about the junk around me. I’d rather meet new people than be unhappy with the old, capped ones. I choose to give as alms the things I don’t like but to look in the closet dissatisfied that I don’t like anything anymore. 

I choose to smile at the people I meet, I choose to meet people who smile, and I choose to make myself smile before I wait for someone else to make me.

I look for the reasons that make me happy. I show myself the sun and the moon and the grass and the sky. I make the best choices for myself. I find the best reasons to be happy every day.

Add in a comment other reasons that brought you happiness, at least for a moment, and do not forget to constantly remind those around you how beautiful life is with good and bad, but especially to be aware of IT!

FAQ on List of reasons to be happy

What will make you truly happy?

What will make one truly happy is the feelings of belonging, love and compassion. Being loved and understood is what we all long for. Being loved equals being happy for most people. 

What are 5 things that make you happy?

The five things that will make you happy/happier:

  • Spending time with the ones you love and cherish;
  • Help people in need;
  • Do more things that bring you joy (dancing, writing, sports, etc);
  • Surrounding yourself with optimistic people;
  • Practising a form of daily gratitude (journaling, meditation). 

What can make me sad?

Anything can make you sad, especially if you feel you are alone in this world and if you don’t have the necessary coping skills to help you through tough situations. It is important to acknowledge this and ask for help. 

What is important for life?

Having a goal, being healthy and surrounded by the ones you love are important for a happy life. Don’t forget that your mind and body are interconnected and that you need to take care of yourself. 

What is real happiness?

Real happiness means something different for each one of us. For some maybe the fact that they have a roof over their head, while for others real happiness is being healthy and surrounded by those they love. What is real happiness for you?!

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