List of Reasons to break up with someone

Have you ever wondered if there is someone else out there for you who is most likely going to treat you better than the one you are with now? If the relationship is causing you distress, maybe it is time for you to break up with your significant other. 

Breaking up is the worst and most difficult thing one has to do. All you need to break up with someone is a little heart and a lot of courage. In this brief guide, we are going to list the reasons to break up to boost your happiness. 

List of Reasons to break up with someone 

Below is a list of reasons to break up with someone:

  • You are not the only one
  • Your partner exhibits jealousy
  • Your partner is being too clingy
  • You can’t count on them
  • You long your single days
  • Your partner does more harm than good
  • Your efforts are more than their efforts
  • You and your partner are sexually incompatible
  • Your partner is being toxic
  • You have caught them in multiple lies
  • You are experiencing abuse
  • You and your partner fail to communicate with each other
  • Your partner talks a lot about their ex
  • You do not see any future with them
  • You think you can do better

If you are breaking it up with someone, do it for the right reasons. No doubt breaking up will break your heart, as it could be due to emotional scars, or merely because you’re starting to grow apart. 

You are not the only one

Finding out about your lover’s other love can hurt a lot. Being disloyal is the worst that could be done to someone in the relationship. Being cheated on is a painful breach of loyalty. 

Many people have felt haunted after being cheated on and cannot get out of the trauma. If you have lost trust in your partner or cannot stop thinking about them with the other woman or man, it is not worth sticking by a cheater’s side. 

Your partner exhibits jealousy

There is a thin line between a protective and a jealous significant other. Not every action is done out of love and protection, but some are done because of possessiveness and dominance over you. 

If the person is a walking red flag, you need to cut them off as soon as possible. Letting them be, is only going to get more toxic and mentally tiring for you. 

Your partner is being too clingy

If you have been annoyed by the unstoppable calls, texts, lots of PDA, keeping you from hanging out with your friends and the worst- wanting to hang out with you every hour- you need to either talk to them or say bye-bye. 

One of the best ways to deal with a clingy lover is by confronting their insecurities and asking them to give you space. If they respond funny, pack your bags as soon as possible. Clinginess is a manipulative tactic used by narcissists which is totally uncool. 

You can’t count on them 

Being committed to a flake is tough. It does not matter how much “in love” you are, if you have a partner who is unreliable and cannot count on them at all, it is a fair reason to break up with them. 

With no strong foundation of reliability and trust, the house you both are trying to build is bound to break down one day. 

You long your single days

If you wonder how being single is fun and what you would have been doing if you would have been single, then you are not as committed as you thought you were. You missing your single days, might be directed to how much you do not enjoy being in a relationship. 

Your partner does more harm than good

Balance is the key to a good relationship. If you have been feeling that the balance is off, then try to make a pro-and-con list. If the cons outweigh the pros, then you need to brush that weight off your life. You do not have to be in a relationship if you feel it is not doing you any good. 

Your efforts are more than their efforts

Feeling that your efforts are more than theirs is a very frustrating situation. One of the main reasons to feel this way is because we all have different needs. But if all the attention and love are one-sided, then it is very unhealthy. 

If you have often noticed that all they give to the relationship is less than the bare minimum then, I guess you know what to do. Break up if you feel constantly neglected, insignificant or not cared for. 

You and your partner are sexually incompatible

Physical compatibility is real if you ask. We understand you have been patient and dedicated enough to bridge the sexual mismatches and still failed. If your partner is failing to satisfy you physically and mentally, then it is a good enough reason to break up with your partner. 

Your partner is being toxic

Have your friends pointed out at times how badly your lover treated you? I think it is high time you need to look into it. If they treat you like crap and are making you go crazy at all times, then they are toxic. 

You should have no excuses for this one and leave them immediately. If they constantly gaslight you and make you feel bad about yourself and act like a victim every time, please let them go.

You have caught them in multiple lies

Has your beau been lying to you about their whereabouts and are sneaking behind your back to meet other people? Have you caught them lying through their teeth? If the answer is yes then, what have you been waiting for? 

Without honesty and trust, there is no relationship left. If your boo has been lying to you way too often and hiding sneaky details about them and is continuing to lie to you even after you confront them, you do not need to be in a relationship like that. 

You are experiencing abuse

DO NOT make any excuses for abusive behaviour in your relationship. Be it physical or emotional abuse, there is no excuse for someone abusing you. Always remember, a healthy relationship is when there is honesty, loyalty and emotional growth. 

A relationship where your partner constantly criticises you and abuses you is a throw-away. Getting out of an abusive relationship can be very tough, but you deserve a fear-free relationship. Leave them and don’t ever look back at them. 

You and your partner fail to communicate with each other

Communication is the foundation for a good relationship. Without communication, the relationship is bad news already. Without healthy communication, every discussion topic becomes the ground of a battlefield where both of you want to win. 

If you constantly feel you are in a competition, then it is toxic. A relationship is all about healthy communication and team effort, if that is lacking, then move on!

Your partner talks a lot about their ex

 Oh, all of us have been here. Has your lover been in cahoots with their ex-lover? Have they been constantly comparing you with their ex and pointing out your little quirks and irks at all times? 

Shoot them out of your life! It is very tough to watch your love hang out with their ex-girlfriend. If they are getting too close to their ex and you constantly have to worry about your boo hanging out with their ex, then address it and hit the move button. 

You do not see any future with them

Maybe you both are the right people at the wrong time. You only have time to focus on yourself and your career and do not think they hold a place in your life in the future, let them know. 

It is better to let your partner know exactly what you are looking for than break their heart at a later point. If you do not see a future with your partner at all, break it off with them. Do not limit their desire to find the perfect forever, if you are not feeling it. 

You think you can do better

Many people stay in unhappy relationships because they feel they owe it to their partner. If you have tried your best to revive your relationship and feel unsatisfied and caught yourself engaging in how life would be different without them in it or wonder how great it would be to start your life with someone else, someone more compatible.

It is your sign to make a solid exit plan. 

If you feel trapped, the best thing you can do before leaving them is to regain your confidence and take a stand for yourself after you can stand up for yourself. 

You should never feel guilty for wanting more. If you think your relationship is long overdue for the breakup then, you know what to do. Breaking up can seem tough at first, but if you are absolutely sure about it, then you should definitely go for it. 

FAQ’s: list of reasons to break up

How do I know my boyfriend/ girlfriend is being toxic?

Toxicity is the worst. Here is the checklist you can tick off to know if your partner is being toxic-

  • Lack of trust 
  • Lack of support
  • Toxic communication
  • Emotionally manipulative
  • Constantly disrespects you
  • Ignores your needs at all times
  • No effort from their side
  • Physical and verbal abuse
  • No privacy

My boyfriend always talks about his ex-girlfriend. What should I do?

If your guy constantly talks about his ex, then he is still hung up on her. This could be if he is just out of a relationship as he claims to be over her, but he is still stuck on her. You deserve a guy that is all into you, not into his ex-lover. Confront him about him and if he still doesn’t change his behaviour, you can move on from them. 

How to get out of an abusive relationship?

If you are being abused remember you are not at fault. You are not the reason your partner abuses you. You deserve a relationship that is fair, honest and healthy mentally and physically. 

The first step to getting out of an abusive relationship is to prepare yourself mentally. With weeks or months of abuse, you must be feeling exhausted at all times. Sit down and think calmly about the escape plan from your partner. 

Once you have decided on the plan, let them know that you are leaving them. Do not look back at all. You deserve out of an abusive relationship, and the moment you have been waiting for has finally come. Pack -up your bags and leave. 

I think my boyfriend is cheating on me. What should I do? How do I catch him?

Cheating is the worst. You put your heart, soul and love into this relationship and you find him being too friendly with someone else. That had to hurt. But before you throw him out of your life and create a scene, take a deep breath first.

  After you have calmed down you can do these things:

  • Make a pro and con list
  • List out the red flags
  • Confront them about it
  • Seek out supportive friends

What is the right time to break up with someone? 

There is never a good time to break up with someone. If you feel that you are not into the relationship anymore, break up as soon as possible. 

Do not delay your break-up looking for the perfect time to talk about the elephant in the room. The sooner you do it, the better it is for you and your partner. 

How to let go of my boyfriend as he does not seem to care? 

One-sided efforts suck but they are not the end of the world. It only proves how giving you are in a relationship, which is very good. To let go of your non-caring boyfriend follow these steps:

  • Practice spending time with yourself
  • Fall in love with yourself
  • Positively affirm yourself 


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