List of reasons to stay alive (33+)

Today we wanted to share with you his list of reasons to stay alive. There are days when everything around us seems to lead to an abyss; we forget why we are still vital when suddenly a basis appears that gives us the strength to move on. We hope that you can find that reason in this article. 

List of reasons to stay alive

Today I thought I’d make you a list of reasons to stay alive. Reasons why it’s worth living your life, a kind of list to look at on dark days and remember that you still have many things to do and those bad days come and go. We just have to be patient.

1. Stay alive because you can breathe, see and admire nature, hear and understand music’s messages.

2. Because you have been given a mission that you must fulfil not only for yourself but also for those around you.

3. Because you have to make others happy so that you can be happy.

4. Because there are little things to enjoy: a gift, a smile, a pleasure.

5. Because you can travel wherever you want, the only condition being your will and budget.

6. Because a road is charming depending on the person you are travelling with.

7. Because it’s not the first time you’ve taken a shot in the ass, and if you’re okay and you remember the sutures you’ve received so far, they were just a few steps ahead.

8. Because every day you learn something new and meet new people, new places, new mottos of life.

9. Because you can fall in love, not necessarily with the right person, but important is the feeling that gives you a state of euphoria at the moment.

10. Because you can try anything you want as long as you take responsibility.

11. Because at least once in your life, you can do something crazy.

12. Because you have people with you who love you and who would give anything to be fair and see you happy.

13. Because even though you have enemies, you are aware that they also make you stronger and more aware of your strengths.

14. Because you follow the watchwords: tenacity and strength.

15. Because you can find that person who will make you feel the centre of the Universe.

16. Because you still hope that the moment will come when the beautiful moments will last longer than the ugly moments.

17. Because you have the opportunity to choose for yourself the place where you feel best and quiet. The place where you can be.

18. Because you have the chance to feel unique in this world so big and yet at the same time so small.

19. Because you can receive help when you offer help.

20. Because you can laugh, cry, rejoice no matter the day, time or place. 

21. Because you meet people who mature you and can change you.

22. Because you can watch a lot of series in which you unintentionally transpose yourself into one of the characters.

23. Because you can dream beautiful things, achievable and at the same time ideal.

24. Because you can choose the lifestyle you want, regardless of what the rest say because whatever you do, they will judge you.

25. Because you hope that what you could not do today, you will do tomorrow.

26. Because you can make your dreams come true, not just hope that one day they will come true. You are the key to your success.

27. Because you can feel free even though you are trapped within the walls of the Universe.

28. Because you start from low standards so that one day you reach high standards.

29. Because you can choose the person next to you to wake up in the morning.

30. Because everyone has his / her person who, regardless of the time of day or night, answers them with all his heart.

31. Because we know that hope dies last.

32. Because we can still love regardless of the stages we went through and the reasons we suffered.

33. If we want, we can always find reasons to have fun and enjoy life.

34. Because we know that after any storm the sun will appear.

35. Because we know that even the longest and darkest night will finally become the morning.

36. For even in the cloudiest sky the stars will appear in the evening.

37. Because we can have a stupid smile on our face without caring what the rest of the world will say.

38. Because we have the possibility that through dreams we can project even the most unimaginable desires.

39. Because men can conceive children, and women can complete what man has begun, carrying on our species.

40. Because you can have an intellectual orgasm when you read a good book or a text worth reading.

41. Because you can do something out of nothing.

42. Because you can kill boredom with a little imagination (ideas are, you need the desire to implement them).

43. Because you can choose who to make love with and who to just have sex with.

44. Because you can have innocent pleasures (let’s face it, we all have).

45. Because no matter how much we avoid doing nonsense, big or small, we still do it.

46. ​​Because you have at least 100 places you’ve never been to but you’d like to get there at least once. That’s why you have to keep going.

47. Because we can be children one day and adults the next.

48. Because we can argue with someone for hours on end and still not reach any conclusion, but at least we put our neurons to work.

49. Because no matter how much envy there is around us, we still do not change our character.

50. Because every minute means something different, every minute means an event: a life that is just beginning, a life that is ending, a life that is struggling to survive.

51. Because although we are physically similar, we are different in the depths of the soul and therefore we have different feelings, various events, events that put in antithesis would form a more complete overview.

52. Because when you are with a particular person, you feel special too.

53. Because we are all looking for the light at the end of the tunnel no matter how far away it is.

54. Because we can put our ambition into what we genuinely believe we can achieve.

55. Because we can tell innocent lies that do not affect anyone.

56. Because we always find weapons for fighting.

57. Because you dream of having or having a romantic evening with your loved one.

58. Because you are aware (although you may not recognise) that life is an accumulation of events that sometimes exceed us, we still strive to understand them.

59. Because even though life offers us cards, we are still the ones who play them.

60. Because we can choose any day of the week to feel good.

61. Because we all wait for the weekend to relax, but we forget or we don’t want to think that after it comes Monday again.

62. Because even though we want time to pass faster, it’s as if we still don’t want to rush so hard.

63. Because you can get angry and calm down instantly with the right person.

64. Because we say we will never do anything again and guess what? You wake up doing the same thing.

65. Because life is so generous that it offers a second chance.

66. Because we all wait or already have near us that ray of sunshine that gives us daily energy and power.

67. Although we have no reason to go further, there will still be someone to give us an idea.

68. Because without each other, we would be inexperienced hermits.

69. Because we take long and frequent breaks during the program because we only follow the principle: “Long and frequent breaks, the key to great success.”

70. Because wherever you look you see new paths to follow. You are the one who chooses it.

71. Because you are your free will.

72. Because when you do something strictly for yourself, you don’t have to explain it to anyone as long as it suits you.

73. Because we rely on the past to form our present and also to project our future.

74. Because even when we have no help from anyone, we support ourselves. Hardly but we defend ourselves.

75. Because regardless of the circumstances, we keep our spirit of conservation.

76. Although we start a sentence with “if…”, it ends up: “I did…”

77. Because you still have many experiences to live in even though you think you have had enough.

78. Because 1500 characters would not contain the true meanings of life.

79. Life is a continuous mystery that makes us curious about the days we spend on Earth.

80. Because death scares us.

81. Because we would like to immortalise every moment to draw the line that were the right things and what were the bad things that we did.

82. Although we make a list of year X resolutions, we do not manage to reach them all, but we still keep the hope that one day we will do those things.

83. Even though we want more time, we are not sure how much energy we need to achieve the proposed goals. However, we continue to make our dreams come true and hope.

84. Because whatever those around us say, we are the ones who are right. Always.

85. Because when we have high expectations and the results will be commensurate.

86. Because you don’t always need reasons to have certain feelings. You just live.

87. Because through life you come to distinguish good from evil.

88. Because we like the eyes that look at us with admiration, we enjoy it every day if we have the opportunity.

89. Because you can enjoy your coffee in the morning.

90. Because you can do your morning ritual alone.

91. Because you can have many passions as you want, provided you can deal with them all.

92. Because no one has the right to impose limits on you, being the only one who can do this.

93. Because in addition to the intellectual orgasm I was talking about in point no. There are many other types of orgasms that everyone must try.

94. Because you still have many types of people you have to meet to be a man at least half complete.

95. Because you still have enough books to read, you just have to make time and fun.

96. Because you don’t know what tomorrow can offer you.

97. Because you have many qualities that you have not yet discovered.

98. Because if you got to this point, you showed perseverance.

99. Because there are another 100 reasons why you want to live.

100. Because we would need another 100 lives to live everything in this world.

Final thoughts

When was the last time you enjoyed a simple thing? A smile, an ice cream, a summer rain, the smell of old books or coming home?

When we were little, we knew how to be happy, let’s feel joy. We didn’t need a thousand reasons to smile, laugh out loud, or appreciate simple things.

Since when has happiness turned into a task that needs to be ticked off a list of many other things? Why does it seem so complicated to be happy?

What reason do you have that makes you feel happy or makes your life more beautiful?

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