Reasons for vacation leave: family matters (5+ letter templates)

In this article, we will discuss the reasons for vacation leave family matters. Everyone knows that family life can sometimes be unpredictable. To compensate for various unforeseen family events or facilitate the development of happy moments within your family, various leaves for family reasons are provided for by law. 

Reasons for vacation leave family matters

Below is a list of reasons for vacation leave due to family matters. Thus, each employee can claim leave for different family reasons:

  1. For attending a wedding 
  2. For attending a funeral 
  3. Due to a temporary disability of a family member
  4. For a birth
  5. For a sick child
  6. When a loved one at the end of their life.

All employees can benefit from leave for family reasons in the event that they or a member of their family is directly concerned by the event in question: to get married, for the marriage of their child, for the death of a close relative, in the event of a temporary disability of his child, for the birth of his child, to take care of a sick child or to accompany a loved one struck by an incurable disease.

The conditions for obtaining leave for family matters

Within the framework of leave for family reasons, the employee is entitled to a minimum number of days of leave. This number varies depending on the reason given for obtaining the leave:

  • Marriage: 4 days for their own marriage and 1 day for the marriage of a child.
  • Death: 5 days for the death of a child and 3 days for that of a spouse, father, mother, stepfather or stepmother, brother or sister.
  • Disability of a child: 2 days.
  • Birth: 3 days are granted to the father or, in the case of the arrival of an adopted child, the same number of days for the parent who does not take adoption leave.
  • Sick child under 16: 5 days for a child under one-year-old and 3 days beyond. In the event of a serious illness, the parent may benefit from a right to part-time work for six months (renewable once) if he has at least one year of seniority.
  • Family solidarity leave: when a relative is at the end of their life (father, mother, descendant, brother, sister or a person living in the employee’s home), an employee can benefit from a maximum leave of 3 months. 
  • Caregiver leave (ex-family support leave) allows you to leave your post for three months to assist any person with whom the employee resides or has close and stable ties. This leave may be renewed if it does not exceed one year over the entire career. Please note that different durations, including less favourable ones, maybe fixed by an agreement or a company or branch agreement.

The three-month family solidarity leave, renewable once, is intended to support a parent, child, brother or sister whose prognosis is threatened or who suffers from a serious and incurable illness. The employee can benefit from this to take care of someone who shares his home or who has appointed him as a trusted person. The branch or company agreement takes precedence in terms of duration.

Is the vacation leave for family matters paid?

During leave for family events, the salary is paid fully. This is not the case for caregiver or family solidarity leave. But these can be split up and turned into part-time work with the employer’s agreement. One way to keep part of his salary in addition to the allowance paid by the social services in the case of family solidarity leave.

Letter templates for requesting vacation leave: family matters

Letter template for taking birth leave or paternity leave


I am pleased to announce that my wife gave birth to our first child last night.

[Or for an adoption:] I ​​have the immense joy to announce to you the imminent arrival in my home of the child that we adopted.

I therefore hereby inform you that I wish to benefit from the [date] of the X days of birth/for adoption. 

I will send you a copy of the birth certificate/adoption judgment as soon as possible.


(Your name)

Apply for paternity and childcare leave 


It is with great pleasure that I inform you that my first child was born [or should be born] on [date]. I wish to benefit from paternity leave from [start date] to [end date].

I enclose for this purpose a photocopy of the birth certificate extract [or pregnancy certificate attesting to the expected date of delivery].

Remaining at your disposal for any further information.


(Your name)

Example of letter to take care of a sick or disabled child


As an employee of your company since [date] and parent of a 20-month-old child, I have the pain to inform you that my child [first name] suffers from a serious illness (of a handicap / was a victim of an accident) which requires my presence at his side and very restrictive care.

Consequently, I would like to benefit from parental presence leave from [date] for a period of [days]. 

You will find attached the medical certificate of his attending physician attesting to the situation and necessary for the smooth running of my request.

While thanking you for your understanding, please accept my best regards.

(Your Name)

Letters to take solidarity leave or inform of your early return

  • Apply for family solidarity leave 

Dear _______,

My father has suffered from a long-lasting illness for several years, his health has deteriorated in recent weeks and his prognosis is threatened according to his doctors.

My father is a widower, and being his only son, I want to accompany him for his last days. I, therefore, ask for your benevolence, in order to grant me family solidarity leave to assist a sick person at the end of life.

I have noted that this leave is unpaid and has a maximum duration of three months. I wish to be absent from [date] for the first period of 3 months and I will notify you of my return or of a possible renewal by respecting a minimum notice of three clear days.

Please find attached a copy of the medical certificate attesting to the situation.

Thank you in advance, please accept my best regards.

  • Inform the employer of your return after family solidarity leave


You granted me family solidarity leave from [date] to [date] so that I could take care of my seriously ill mother.

Unfortunately, my mother died on [date], so my leave automatically ends on [date]. Before resuming my professional activity, I would like to benefit from the 3 days of leave for family events in order to be able to organize her funeral.

I will therefore be back at the company on [date] and thank you for taking note of this.


(Your name)

Request the days off for your marriage or your child’s marriage

Madam Director,

As an employee of your company since [date] in the capacity of [position], I have the honour to inform you of my next marriage / the marriage of my son / my daughter which will take place on [date] in [City].

In accordance with the provisions of the Labor Code, I wish to benefit from the 4 days of leave/or the day of leave for family events (to be adapted according to any more favourable contractual provisions).

I will send you the supporting documents as soon as possible.

My best regards.

Leave of absence for the death of a parent, spouse, child, brother or sister

Mr Director,

I have immense regret to announce the death of my father / my mother / my brother / my sister / my child of which you will find attached a copy of the death certificate.

The funeral will be held on [date] at [time] at [Name] church.

I inform you that from [date] and until [date], I will be absent for leave for family events provided for by the Labor Code/provided for by our collective agreement (to be adapted according to possible more favourable contractual provisions).

[Optional:] Following this leave, I also wish to benefit from [number] days of paid / unpaid leave in order to stay with my family in these difficult times. So I would be back, if you accept it, on [date].


(Your name)

The bottom line

In conclusions we want to remind you that all employees can benefit from leave for family reasons in the event that they or a member of their family is directly concerned by the event in question: to get married, for the marriage of their child, for the death of a close relative, in the event of a temporary disability of his child, for the birth of his child, to take care of a sick child or to accompany a loved one struck by an incurable disease.

We hope that the letter templates in this article will make it easier to request vacation leave for family matters. Please let us know if you have any questions or comments on the content. 

FAQ on Reasons for vacation leave family matters

What’s the best excuse to miss work?

Among the best excuses to miss work are:

  • You have a contagious illness;
  • Food poisoning;
  • Family emergency;
  • Medical appointments;
  • Vehicle or transport issues;
  • Death in the family;
  • Your pet is lost or you need to take it to the vet. 

How do you call in sick to work professionally?

If you have to call in sick to work, to do it professionally keep it as brief as possible and call as soon as you can. Let your team know that you will be missing work and make arrangements who can take over your workload. Mention the period you will be missing and when are you planning on coming back. 

What is the best excuse to call in sick?

The best excuses to call in sick are:

  • You have the flu or other contagious illness. 
  • You hurt your back, ankle or knee.
  • You have been hospitalized.
  • The emergency doctor or dentist’s appointment.
  • You are depressed, stressed or anxious. 

How do I take leave for personal reasons?

To take leave for personal reasons you have to ring your employer or talk with HR and let them know how much time you need and when you plan to return to work. Some employers offer a certain number of days for personal leave per year. Avail of those if included in the contract!


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