The best reasons to live in Texas

The current blogspot will be based on the question “what are the best reasons to live in Texas?”. We will learn the best reasons to live in Texas and discuss them in detail.

What are the best reasons to live in Texas?

There are many best reasons to live in Texas. Some of the best reasons to live in Texas are as below:

  • Texas has a strong economy
  • Texas has great educational opportunities
  • Texas offer incredible job market
  • Texas offer affordable living cost
  • Texas offers properties more reasonably .
  • No income tax
  • Strong wages
  • Reasonable housing
  • Texas offers safety and a family-friendly atmosphere almost everywhere you go
  • Texas has amazing weather
  • Texas offers recreational opportunities
  • Texas offers amazing food
  • Successful sports
  • Unique culture
  • Many big cities
  • Southern hospitality 
  • Diversity

Texas has a strong economy 

The Texas economy is ranked 9th largest economy, incredibly growing. It is the 12th healthiest state of the nation. There are major industry leaders and also the startups available. Texas produces 9% of the nation’s GDP. It has numerous brands, Fortune and great names in the tech industry.

Texas has great educational opportunities

The Texas education system is expanding year by year and provides more than 200 colleges and universities with thousands of students enrolled every year. There are many highly ranked institutes in Texas for their high quality of education.  

Students score more than 70% in the state according to data published by the National Center for Education Statistics. There are a very low number of less grades in students. 

The University of Texas and Austin and Texas A&M university are the two popular and largest universities in Texas. There are private universities as well that provide quality education.

Texas offer incredible job market

The growing economy of Texas allows people to find jobs and employment easily. Tesla and Black and Decker are companies that add more than 1000 jobs on a daily basis. Out of these jobs, many jobs pay above the national average. State’s unemployment rate is also under control. The following sectors are open for job opportunities:

  • Medical
  • Education
  • IT
  • Engineering
  • Business
  • Oil
  • Aerospace

Texas offer affordable living cost

The cost of living in the state of Texas is affordable and cheap compared to other states. It is a little higher only for the population living in the U.S. If it’s 100 in the U.S. then it is 101.8 average cost. The rental costs are also bearable. As said, some costs are higher but on an average most households are living well and easily afford the living costs. It is only possible for them while living in Texas.

If it’s the price of bread, a doctor’s visit, an energy bill or a gallon of gas, prices are fairly reasonable and it is a good reason to prefer living in Texas.

Texas offers properties more reasonably 

The land is cheaper in Texas if you are looking to get a property there. The process of acquiring property in Texas is also fast and efficient. It is easier to get a property and make a dream house as you planned here as compared to other states. There are also the lending rules that are helpful. There are less problems as a result of them. The homeowners have protection rights and support also protecting them from market crashes.

No income tax

Texas offers no income tax. Your wages stay further due to this. Just compare it with other states, living in Texas is also beneficial because of this reason. People have the hope of keeping more incentives in their pockets, thinking of long lasting benefits and combined low cost of living. We know that these local sales taxes, the property taxes are applied to the state rate. But as a total, you can have a lot of savings at the end of the year to use on yourself or your family and live a good life.

Strong wages

The economy, the education, the jobs and housing all are amazing in Texas. Another major benefit of living in Texas is the strong wages. There is growth in businesses every year, more jobs since the number of graduates increasing in the state. These employment opportunities with a good salary allows people to stay forever in the state of Texas. 

Reasonable housing

The houses are affordable depending on the city and neighbours in Texas that allow more and more people to move to Texas every year. These opportunities to find a place to live and settle is something we are dying for specially in this pandemic.

Texas offers safety and a family-friendly atmosphere almost everywhere you go

With great jobs, good salaries, and a low cost of living, Texas provides safety to its citizens. It is safe to live in any part of the state. These are also family friendly and secure regions. No place can beat the Texas standard and the lifestyle it offers. People are friendly, caring and kind anywhere you go. 

Texans are the sweet people who are always ready to lend a hand or give best advice.They guide you to visit the best place, enjoy the best sports, fish, hike, and dining ideas. There are beautiful parks, plenty of places to explore and travel in the state that adds to its beauty. 

Texas has amazing weather

Texas is a large state and it has a variety of climates throughout the year. The extensive shoreline along the Gulf of Mexico provides a warm and coastal climate to enjoy. The central interior of Texas provides a warm and humid climate. Some areas of Texas are hot and humid with air, some areas experience mild weather. Outdoor activities can be availed throughout the year.

If you are someone who doesn’t like staying in warm weather you may need to reconsider moving to Texas. Hence, Texas is a perfect place where you can enjoy all four seasons in your way.

Texas offers recreational opportunities

In Texas, you can have many recreational opportunities. Outdoor fun is one of those. There are also many family activities that can be done to pass the leisure time. You can also enjoy dining, walking, art, dance, games, theater, swimming, reading, parks and amusement places.

Texas offers amazing food

Texas has been amazing for its tasty yummy food. It is not only famous for its Bar Be Q, but also it is a rapidly growing food town beyond its best dishes. Texas has great dining, fusion-themed dishes, new flavours and famous award-winning restaurants. 

Successful sports

Sports are enjoyed and celebrated in the region of Texas. In colleges, football, hockey and many games are played. Sports enthusiasts take these matches seriously. Almost all sports are played in the state and people move to Texas since they are fans of it and spend most of the time doing it. Texas also has professional teams to play the Nationals and Internationals.

Unique culture

There is a unique culture in Texas that attracts almost everyone. The place is big, bold, diverse, rich in culture, friendly people, art scenes, and a perfect place to work and live. In Texas, you have a lot to look forward to. There is everything you would love to have if it’s outdoor fun or just you in the park enjoying the beauty of the weather.

Many big cities

There are many big cities in the state that you can choose to live in. The places include Austin, Houston and many more. The people prefer Austin who are new and this place has a unique vibe too. Live music, enjoyable nights outside and a lot to explore further. When you see so many beautiful neighbours around and have to make an option of choosing out of them to settle, it becomes quite easier. This is one of the best reason to move to 


Southern hospitality 

There is a southern hospitality vibe you feel in every place in Texas. The kindness and welcoming nature of the place gives a touch of love. It is in their roots to treat newcomers with a big heart. The politeness inside them rules their hearts and keeps the same with everyone. You are smiled at by the stranger passerby and greeted by them too. 


Texas is one of the vibrant and diverse states. It is appealing for many people and rich in its culture.There are around 145 languages spoken in Houston.Texas is ranked as 2nd most diverse state in the country. It is a unique, big, rich and easy to live place. The people of Texas make it more beautiful and attractive. The newcomers enjoy a seamless experience living in texas. Texas is a top location for people to think of for living.


The above blogspot answered the question “what are the best reasons to live in Texas”. We learned the best reasons to live in Texas and discussed those in detail.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs): the best reasons to live in Texas

What I love about living in Texas?

There are many things I love about living in Texas. Some of the best things I love about living in Texas are:

  • The sports culture is fantastic
  • Affordable living
  • The economy is booming
  • The educational sector is top-notch
  • Unique culture
  • No shortage of things

What are the pros and cons of moving to Texas?

There are many pros and cons of moving to Texas. Some of the pros of living in Texas are:

  • There are a variety of places to live
  • The living cost is reasonable
  • Multiple job opportunities
  • Educational opportunities
  • No state income taxes
  • Season wise gentle winter climate

Some of the cons of living in Texas are:

  • Weather can turn severe
  • Property and sales taxes are high
  • There are consequences of urbanization
  • Crime rates are high in some areas
  • Affordable healthcare has limited access

What do I need to know about moving to Texas?

There are many things you should know about moving to Texas. Some of the important things to know when moving to Texas are:

  • What it’s like living in Texas
  • The costs of living in Texas
  • What are taxes in Texas
  • The job market 
  • The weather throughout the year
  • The electricity rates
  • The education setup
  • Diversity of Texas
  • The sports progress
  • The traffic conditions in Texas
  • How are the outdoor places
  • The Texas neighbours
  • How is the transportation system in Texas
  • The famous eateries in Texas
  • The famous places in Texas
  • How is the art and culture of the state